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Sony promise to have an exciting 2016 will be only partially fulfilled


There was a lot of excitement end of 2015 for the coming 2016. Sony manager Mr. Yutaka Iwatsuki stated at Focus Numerique (google translation here) that “2016 will be even more impressive!“. Mr Masashi Wakatsuki when asked about the possible Sony RX medium format camera said that “every option is open at Sony.“. And many times Sony managers said A-mount is well alive and that there will be new products.

But now all the excitement has come less as Sony has to struggle with the Kumamoto disaster. Only by August the full sensor production capability will be recovered (that’s 4 months after the earthquake).

It’s July now and we only got one new system camera this year (the A6300). The “usual” June announcement sessions has been completely canceled. And at Photokina I do expect Sony to announce only a limited version of their roadmap. I do hope the A9 and A99II will be introduced but maybe those cameras will ship in very late 2016 or early 2017 only. The third generation A7 series is likely to be introduced in 2017 and not this year (starting from the A7m3).

There is no issue with the Sony lens line up. The only “delay” is on the 70200mm FE GM lens. This is due the high request of the [shoplink 47915]24-70mm GM lens[/shoplink] and Sony has to produce enough of those lenses first…

In summary: The first 8 months of the year were not that exciting as promised by Sony. But of course this is not their fault. But starting from end 2016 I do hope we will finally get some awesome new camera. An A9 would be nice, and the A99II as a “must” release for the patient A-mount folks!

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