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Sony Tidbits…


Zeiss 55mm f1.8 vs Sony 50mm f1.8

Hunter Press sent me the video above: Hi Andrea, the results are going to cause quite a controversy! But, I believe the lenses are basically equal. Don’t spoil the surprise! Thank you!”

Deal of the Day: Save Over 20% On Selected Cameras at Amazon UK.
Gold Box deal on the A6000 at Amazon France.
Sony a7S II Hands-on Review at Videomaker.
A7s vs A7S II ISO tests (bonus compressed/uncompressed test) by Alin Popescu.
Best 28mm legacy lenses (SonyAlphaForum).
AF Speed upgrade for the a7II and Metabones after firmware updates (Tysonrobichaudphotography).
RX1rII unboxing video by Tamrong.

Steve:Not sure if you have published either of these previously, or not…Not rumors, but a couple of articles written by pro photographers that I just stumbled upon, both doing reviews of Sony gear, and BOTH of them concluding “I am switching from Canon to Sony, effective immediately”…
FStoppers, Nino Batista
The Breed, Dana Pennington”

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