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Sony Tidbits…


Zeiss v. Zeiss -Battle of the 35mm’s – Loxia & Sony

My Sony A7 II as back up for my Nikon D810… and why I sold it after all (Insignia Chiaki).
First pics of Sony A7 with legacy zeiss glass (SonyAlphaForum).
AF a7II vs a99 (SonyAlphaForum).
Gallery of shots with the sigma 19, 30, 60 mm (SonyAlphaForum)

Gareth:Hi, it’s clearly not fully developed & released yet, but the new Wireless Trigger ” Air R” that works with the Nissin Air Commander has appeared on the Nissin site. This will allow users to add other flashes (including the fantastically compact i40) to the Air Commander control system. One of the few affordable native hot-shoe compatible systems. Much more affordable than Sony of Phottix flash.

Joe:I just dumped a trove of APS-C E mount zoom test shots onto my blog, along with a bit of commentary:
That was a lot of work, I hope somebody else finds it useful.

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