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10-18mm MicBergsma

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Marc Galer:

I have released my Free 200-page eBook for the Sony A6400

A6400 – Reliable/Sticky Real Time-Tracking
I have been surprised that one or two photographers at the A6400 launch appeared to be using inappropriate settings to track moving targets.
I have seen screens from their movies with AF-S, AF-A, slow shutter speeds (1/250 second for volleyball), small apertures chosen in dark conditions and their Drive Mode set to Hi+ (no live view panning) being used.

In my own pre-production A6400 camera I noticed that Pre-AF was switched ON by default which, in my opinion, does not lead to easy subject selection when AF-C with a Tracking option is selected.
This may not have been the same setup as used in the USA but when Pre-AF was switched OFF for action sequences in my own tests the camera proved itself to be the stickiest AF tracking system I have ever used. I am sure I will still be using my A9 for motorsports and Birds in Flight but the A6400 is certainly a powerful tool at the price point.

This gallery of sequences, where obstacles appear in front of my primary target, should prove my point:

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