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(SR4) Sony rumored to announce 8k gear including an 8K camera/camcorder at the CES conference on January 7


Sony will have an official press conference and product announcement day on January 7 at 5pm Las Vegas time. Usually Sony doesn’t announce new E-mount gear at CES. Last time this happened was in 2014 for the A5000. But you never know. And from a reliable source we heard Sony’s focus will be on unveiling a full 8K platform which includes:

8K Television/CLEDIS
8K Laser projector
8K camera/camcorder
8K postprocessing platform

I have no detail about this 8K camera/camcorder. Don’t know if it has E-mount or not. By the way, the first 8K transmission at NHK just started. And by 2020 most camera manufacturers promised to release 8K cameras.

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