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(SR2) Sony A6100 and Sony A7000 with 28MP Exmor R sensor?



An anonymous source sent me this info about two future APS-C cameras. As this is a new source there is not a high chance the rumor is true. But it’s certainly an exciting news if the rumor turns out to be true! He wrote:

“A7000 and A61(5)00 testing. Exmor R 28 MP with 399PDAF”

I don’t know if it makes a lot of sense to have two cameras with the same sensors. Don’t know what the A7000 extra features will be to justify the camera existence…



Sony organized a special “Sony Surprise” event in Stockholm (Source: It scheduled on Friday at 11:00 local time. For sure we will see a new A68 camera. And still unconfirmed is if Sony will also show the new E-mount lenses and cameras too!

Sony A68 specs:
SLT A-mount model (translucent mirror)
24 megapixel sensor
79 AF points
19 AF Cross points.
4D autofocus (seems to be the [shoplink 41697 ebay]same as the A77II[/shoplink])
LCD info display on top of the camera
Price around $600
Announcement in November

Stay tuned on SAR! More rumors and info coming the next hours!

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