(SR2) Sony A9 specs (46 MP sensor and weather sealed body)


Fake A9 rendering at SonyAlphaForum (post your dream A9 renderings there!).

All we know with 99% certainty is that Sony has a new FE FF camera on the pipeline which will be the first of its line and placed above the current A7 camera series. It’s likely to come during the first half of 2015. We have no specs from trusted sources so for once let’s share specs I got from an anonymous source. This means it’s hardly to be the real final specs but at least it’s a start to discuss the new camera:

– 46 Megapixel Bayer sensor
– 4 fps
– 100-25,600 ISO (extended 50 and 51,200)
– weather sealed body
– 4K output (no internal 4K recording)
– Price yet not final but around to $3,000

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