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(SR3) No NEX-7 at Photokina (or maybe only behind the glass?)


Sony NEX-7 renderings from Tecnofotografia

According to two of our sources the Sony NEX-7 is not going to be announced at Photokina. One of our sources speculates that Sony may will show the NEX-7 prototype but the camera will be on market by early 2011 only. Sony wants to evaluate the [shoplink 3000]NX-3[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3003]NEX-5[/shoplink] impact on the market before to release the next NEX model. The NEX-7 is rumored to become a bigger and professional brother of the current NEX cameras.

In summary, if you want a NEX camera buy it now ;)
[shoplink 3000]Check the NEX-3 price (Click here)[/shoplink] [shoplink 3003]Check the NEX-5 price (Click here)[/shoplink]

P.S.: I will soon start the E-mount lens poll !

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