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(SR3) Also a new 11-18mm pancake and a prime lens? Three NEX lenses at Photokina?


After the news we had yesterday about the two new NEX cameras many here commented that we need more lenses…not only more cameras :)

I just got a rumors from a new source saying that three new NEX lenses will be announced in September. One is the already mentioned 16-50mm pancake zoom. Another one will be the 11-18mm f/4 pancake and than we will have a fast prime lens.

Dear trusted sources let me know if we are right on this! Thanks!

Just a reminder. Back in February Sony unveiled the roadmap you see here on top. It contains the following lenses:
G standard zoom (2013)
higher magnification zoom lens (2012) -> I think that this is the updated 18-200mm lens announced two months ago
standard zoom (2012) -> Now we know this is the 16-50mm pancake G zoom.
wide zoom (2012) -> I guess this is the 11-18mm f/4.0 lens
middle magnification zoom lens (2013)
big aperture prime (2012) -> a 35mm prime???
middle range prime (2013)
pan cake (2013)

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