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(SR3) Will Sony launch the “sports oriented” A6500 sucessor on July 17?


I am collecting small breadcrumb rumors here and there and this small evidence is leading into the same direction:

We could finally get the A6500 succcessor on July 17.
I have been told the A6500 is all focused on speed and to give to the mass a “sports oriented” APS-C camera. The APS-C version of the Sony A9 :)
What I also heard is that Sony would also announce a new APS-C zoom lens and maybe even a second APS-C lens.
I also heard one rumor about a new small RX camera that could be announced on July 17 too…but I don’t know what kind of model we can expect…

I rank this rumor with “SR3” which means there is a 50% chance it’s correct.

I have no reliable specs about the A6500 successor but this is what I have heard the past months (take it with a grain of salt):

– EVF in the center
– 4k 60p
– Only slightly bigger than the current A6500 model
– Features the new A6400 and A9 autofocus system
– Slightly improved IBIS
– New High Speed sensor (no global shutter)

In summary:
– There is a 90% chance that Sony will announce a “mass market camera” on July 17. This could be the new A6500 successor or a new A5 alike entry level FF camera (or both?)
– There is near ZERO chance we might et the A9II or A7sIII
– There is a 99% chance we will get the new 35mm f/1.8 FE
– There is a 90% chance there will be new APS-C E-mount lenses

17 July Livestream:
We will livestream the Sony event directly here on SAR.


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