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(SR4) Lens codes leaked: New 55-300mm and updated 300mm lens coming?


For a short moment the Sony Service website listed new codes for new Alpha mount lenses. They quickly removed the codes but Matthias from the German Minolta Forum was able to copy the text.

There are two new lenses:
SAL55-300 (yes: -300)
And a new version of the current SAL300-2.8G (here at Amazon).

Other already available lenses got a new “UC” suffix which probably means “Ultra Clean” (Click on name to see the current lens at Amazon):
SAL-50F14 UC
SAL-100M28 UC
SAL-135F28 UC
SAL-1870 UC
SAL-18200 UC
SAL-70200G UC
SAL-75300 UC

From the past experience that those kind of leaks are very reliable. I heard of an updated SAL-70200G coming at Photokina so there is a fair chance Sony may update all the other mentioned lenses too!

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