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(SR4) What Sony didn’t tell you about the mirrorless camera


The Sony press release and mockups do not reveal anything about concrete specifications and release date. So we thought it would be nice to make a small summary of all the rumors we received from reliable sources.

Important note: What we post here are rumored specs, not official Sony specs! We collected the rumors from reliable sources (which gave me correct informations in the past) and added a probability percentage.

1) 50% chance this information could be true -> The System name will be “NEX”

2) 50% -> The first two cameras will be on market within June-July (The NEX3 and NEX5?)

3) 50% -> A more advanced mirrorless camera should be unveiled at Photokina and compete against the future Panasonic GH2

4) 80% -> In Lens stabilization (Sonys goal was ot make the mirrorless cameras as thin as possible)

5) 80% -> Built-in Flash

6) 80% -> Body price under 1000 USD

7) 80% -> First three lenses: 18-55/F3.5-5.6 / 16mm f/2.8 / 18-200mm (900-1000 USD)

50% = rumor comes from one trusted source only (the trusted soruce gave me correct informations in the past)

80% = rumor has been confirmed by one trusted sources + one or more new soruces

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