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(SR5) Also a new 70-200mm II G lens is on the new roadmap!

[shoplink 11712 ebay][/shoplink]

Image on top: The current [shoplink 11712 ebay]70-200mm f/2.8 lens[/shoplink].

Yesterday I told you about Sony’s plan to create a new line of lenses that will be weather sealed and have new improved lens design. The first of the new “II G” line up will be the 70-400mm zoom. Today a couple of sources confirmed that Sony will also update the current [shoplink 11712 ebay]70-200mm f/2.8 lens[/shoplink]. While I am pretty sure the 70-400mm II G lens will arrive soon I have no info yet WHEN the 70-200mm II G will be released.

P.S.: Links to the current 70-200mm lens at [shoplist 11712].

Reminder: There is a Sony announcement on March 13th. Stay tuned here on SAR!

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