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(SR5) Hot! Voigtlander will announce new FE lenses at 14:00 London time!


[shoplink 41206 ebay]index[/shoplink] Image on top shows a current [shoplink 41206 ebay]M-mount Skopar lens[/shoplink]. Something similar in size could be announced today.

UPDATE: It’s now official! Read about the new lenses here on SAR.

Today Voigtlander will announce a brand new line of native Full Frame E-mount lenses! Announcement is expected to happen at 14:00 London time (9am in New York). What I know so far is:

  1. They will launch three Full Frame E-mount lenses
  2. Those are manual focusing lenses
  3. Those lenses are “compact” in terms of size compared to current FE lenses. Don’t know if they are as compact as the current [shoplink 41206 ebay]Skopar lens line (here on eBay)[/shoplink]. I certainly would like it if it would be so!

This is really exciting! At last some cheaper good quality FE lenses are coming! Stay tuned on SAR! I will live blog all the info about the announcement!

Reminder: On Monday Zeiss will announce the FE Loxia 21mm f/2.8 lens. And in two weeks Sony will unveil their new FE lenses and update FE lens roadmap!

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