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(SR5) Nokishita says 2-3 E-mount cameras and 1 Cybershot will be announced in 2019!


Two camera codes have been already officially registered by Sony

Nokishita writes:

Sony have just created a new product page for six interchangeable lens cameras (two of which are probably accessories pages) and one Cyber-shot.
It is important to note that there are many cases in which the existing product page is renewed when simply adding new firmware functions. New products will be released within about half a year.

So if two pages are for accessories we have four new E-mount pages. But we now that at least one major firmware update will be released soon for the Sony A9. Which means at max we have “three slots” open.

A good guess is that Sony will announce 2-3 E-mount cameras in 2019 (Sony A9II, A7sIII and the third could be the A6500 successor) and a new Cybershot.

And here is the summary of what to expect in 2019 from Sony (all SR5):

  • At least a new High end E-mount camera with the code “WW71619” (we suspect this to be the A9II)
  • Another Cybershot model which could be the one registered with the code “WW246025
  • One or Two more E-mount cameras in autumn which could be the A7sIII (very likely) and the A6500 successor (with EVF in the center)
  • New Sony 35mm f/1.8 FE lens

Get ready for an exciting second half of the year folks!

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