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(SR5) Some good news rumors :)


I got a bunch of new info from top sources:

1) Some of them (my sources) saw that you were concerned about the 500 shot autonomy of the A77. They wanted me to tell you that you are limited with 500 shots only when shooting in LCD mode! If you use the built-in viewfinder you will be able to take many more pictures!

2) On the A65 and A77 you can enable or disable the automatic lens correction (Vignetting, Chromatic Aberration and more).

3) It has AF fine tuning! Over 30 lenses can be “stored”.

4) With multiframe you can go up to 25.600 ISO

5) The new external viewfinder for the NEX-5n is “flexible” (don’t know if that means something more than tiltable)

6) Time lag to take a picture is only 0,02 sec!

7) All sources do repeat to me the AF is extremely fast and more accurate than Nikon and Canon cameras. They cannot give me data yet but they made some testing that do confirm that!

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