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UPDATE: Correction on time release info. 200-600mm FE (price $2,000) and second FE to be announced on Monday!


Journalists are currently attending the 200-600mm FE G lens launch and shooting both wildlife and sports with it. But the official press text has still not be released.

I realized that I misunderstood the time release date: At 16:00 London time the Sony journalists press meeting has started but the NDA will expire on Monday! Sony decided to give journalists some hands-on time before the lens news goes public in a few days. I apologize for the misunderstanding!

One more thing: Latest I heard that the lens price is around $2,000!

UPDATE-2: Sony decided in very last minute to delay the public announcement to Monday…and we will get a second FE lens too! Read more about it here:

Summary in case you got lost with my rumors lately:

  1. June 5/6 journlists had a meeting to test the 200-600mm G lens
  2. But the NDA to disclose their findings is now set to expire on Monday and not Today (June 6) as they have been previously told
  3. A second lens has been unveiled to them at the very end of the meeting!
  4. This lens is a fast telephoto prime
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