(SR5) Sony says the A77 will be much better than expected (?)


Photoclubalpha had a discussion with Paul Genge of Sony UK and reports that “When the new A700-series model appears, Paul confirmed that it will look quite different from the mock-up shown at PMA and again at photokina. All the clues I can get indicate that it does indeed use the same basic internal system as the A33/55, and will have an EVF. But Paul said this camera will include such high specification features that current A700 owners will be amazed.” and “Paul said they intended to complete the A3/5/7 developments and would then turn their attention to new full frame, including an Alpha 900 replacement with features yet to be decided. He pointed to the new 500mm f/4 G SSM, shown in bare metal and with paint on, as evidence of their intentions. Also, it was possible to create a full frame NEX, using the same mount and the A-mount adaptor, but never the same lenses as the APS-C NEX. The mount had been designed to allow this and it might one day happen, in which case full-frame adapted Leica lenses (and so on) would be even more useful. The new standard zoom lens (16-80mm replacement) could be SAM not SSM. Paul pointed to the ring on the front of the mockup (gold ring – a bit of a Tamron-type clue?) and suggested that this could mean the SAM motor.

In summary:

1) the A77 is a SLT camera that will very likely be even better than we imagine….I can imagine a lot :)

2) The A950 will come some months after the A77

3) NEX was designed keeping fullframe in mind

Read the full text at Photoclubalpha. David also talks about the new NEX firmware!

P.S.: We are currently receiving some A77 and A950 rumors and I ask my sources if they can talk with me about that cameras. i need to confirm those rumors before to post them here! Thanks!