The future is not the DF or A7r (PetaPixel and Kirk Tuck).


On our rumor sites we talk a lot about DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. But will these cameras still be here in future? Kirk Tuck and Petapixel posted two interesting article about an ongoing paradigm shift in the camera industry. Kir writes that the younger generation isn’t bound to the past film camera history. They think differently and they are not going to use DSLR or Mirrorless system cameras:

They are living the golden age of photography from their perspective, and their heroes in the field are names we don’t even know. This is a generation that values a personal vision that arrives as quickly as a phone call and has a much shorter half life than the one we experienced for our work, but then again, what doesn’t move faster these days?

Allen from Petapixel writes:

The future isn’t the Nikon Df, the Olympus OM-D EM-1 or the Fuji X100s. The future isn’t the Sony QX-100, which awkwardly attaches to my phone. The future for photographers willing to carry around a dedicated camera adopts paradigms from the phone.
WiFi, GPS and a touch screen are built-in, and its open source software allows me to launch Instagram (or whatever app is the soup du jour) and have the camera automatically pair with my phone so I don’t have to do everything twice.

SAR’s note: Predicting the future is almost impossible. Even big marketing guys failed in that and they will keep failing in future. So this is just my pure instinct talking. In my opinion there will be always a big enough market for System Cameras. But these cameras will not look like old Film Cameras anymore and also act very differently and have completely different and new features. A couple of these new tech details will be discussed in future posts on SAR ;)