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This is how you shoot a CHEVY commercial with the A7s :)


Cinoflex is shooting a commercial for Chevrolet. And this is how they have “packed” the Sony A7s :)

Don’t worry, you can also use a more “Portable” set:

This is what Cinoflex thinks about the A7s:

The tests are very good. Everything you would expect from this camera. Our specific tests we’re focused on lens fall-off and sensor reaction. The DR was also very surprising, great tonal rendition in the shadows. For this camera the biggest challenge is the infrastructure (for lack of more familiar terms THE RIG). It is important for professional camera crews to use this camera (or any camera) in a traditional fashion, the CINOFLEX, gave the SONY A7S camera that ability. Truly a WOW camera for the quality of the sensor and ability to capture lens fall-off, focus cylinder moves, and the full frame quality image. We are shooting anamorphic Panavision tests soon, that is the true test to see how this camera can make a difference within the marketplace.

This is what we loved about the SONY A7S Camera. Details about this video grab: Camera: SONY A7S PP: SLOG2 Lens: 200mm Stop: T3.1 Color: 3200K SS: 1/50 ISO 3200 ————- so we shot directly into a light to desaturate the image and lose any detail, then we overexposed by 4 stops. The ungraded image is on the right, the graded image is on the left. With very little effort or manipulation we found good contrast, detail, shadows, highlight control, and sharpness was easily recovered. The lens fall off was also very pronounced and truly magnificent.

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