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Two new Sony A6300 reviews by Trevor Finney (Lensrentals) and Maarten Heilbron


You need to read some more A6300 reviews? Here they are! Above you can watch the video review from Maarten Heilbron. And Trevor Finney from Lensrentals did asssess the the video quality of the camera:

In short, the Sony a6300 graded nicely, the internals are very well thought out, and being an APS-C sensor camera, the lens choices are much wider and cheaper than if you were to be using a full frame camera, and allows for the use of third party Speedboosters to bring it up to a Super 35 sensor image, just in case you need that extra bump.
Aside from the pros and cons, when it comes down to it, if you’re needing a nice, budget-friendly B/ C cam to coincide with your other bigger camera systems, well then this is a good go-to for you.

A6300 store links: [shopcountry 47396].

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