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Very important Wikileaks update info! Roadmap is 100% true. A-mount document image is 100% fake.


In the comment system of SAR someone made a bit of fun and posted a FAKE image of an FAKE Sony document saying that A-mount would be discontinued in July. I want to stress that there is no such document on Wikileaks. This has been made up by that commenter! Dear A-mount followers don’t worry. That was really a bad joke by an anonymous poster :)

Some of you said, well, why on the contrary the roadmap should be true. Because it can be found as an attachment on one of the email of Wikileas-Sony. So this is 100% real :)

Please spread that info on forums and other sites. I saw that plenty of people picked up the news!

UPDATE: I removed the direct link to the email for privacy reason. Just trust me on this that the roadmap can be found there :)

UPDATE_2: A couple of reasons why I know this image is fake:
– the original author said would send me the mail with the file and he didn’t
– the original author posted a link to wikileaks that leads to a blank page
– th original author posted other fake info on SAR comments system
– the original author commented his own leak comment with multiple fake names to increase the attention ont he discussion
– there is no such document that can be found on wikileaks and I spent 7 hours to check all the files :)


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