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Vote the Sony SLT-NEX-Cybershot camera of the year!


We are almost done with 2012!

Before the end of the world comes (Maya) I want to know what is the camera that excited you most! Is it the [shoplink 14165]A99[/shoplink]? The first professional stills and video hybrid camera. Or the excellent [shoplink 14158]A57[/shoplink] which packs a lot of features for the relatively low price. Than we have the [shoplink 14167]NEX-6[/shoplink], the cheaper [shoplink 8454]NEX-7[/shoplink] that has some nice features the NEX-7 has not. The Sony [shoplink 15824]RX1[/shoplink]? An innovative and super small Full Frame camera. Or the [shoplink 13014]RX100[/shoplink] that fears no competitor in his class?

You choose! Please take time before you vote. And let us know in the comments why you picked up the camera you voted! Thanks!

Which new Sigma lens will you buy?

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