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We need your suggestions for the next Sony fullframe cameras!


Dear readers!

Yasuyuki Nagata (Sony Imaging Division Deputy Senior General Manager) said that Sony is “seriously considering a professional-level SLT camera“, however, “the company will listen to what its customers demand” before it can reveal its next step (Source Techradar). And now it’s time to collect your ideas about the next fullframe camera features. Please comment this post to suggest your features/idea list. After a couple of days I will write a poll adding all your options.

I will show you an example by disclosing my idea/features list for the next FF cameras:
– FF NEX (I want that!)
– removable sensor (to have the freedom to use different sensors like it works for [shoplink 8776 ebay]medium format digital backs[/shoplink]).
– Capability to move up the semitransparent mirror to avoid the small light loss.
– APP store for Sony cameras. let users create applications for Sony cameras (See the amazing list of iPhone-iPad applications!)
– B&W sensor with extremely high dynamic range.
– Hybrid viewfinder system a la [shoplink 8775 ebay]Contax G2 (Click here to see tha camera)[/shoplink]. The Contax viewfinder zooms as you change lenses! By the way, Contax is from Zeiss :)


Your idea matters! Let’s start!!!

P.S.: Please do not suggest lenses for now. I will write a new post soon to ask you for you fullframe lens suggestions.

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