Well done Sony! What’s next?


Good Morning dear SAR readers!

I am now recovering a bit from the two very busy days and weeks I had before the A77 announcement. It’s a bit to early to for me to talk about the new products. I still had no chance to get my hands on the new cameras and lenses and from what I have seen on the web it’s difficult to judge the quality from the cameras and lenses (Example: image samples have been taken with non final firmware version).

Yes it took long to see an A700 successor, yes it’s difficult to get in love with the EVF (electronic viewfinders) way of shooting when you are used to work with OVF (optical viewfinders). Yes the price is higher than we hoped it would be and there are also many other smaller things I necessarily do not like. But I think Sony made an overall very good job! The A77 is a bomb of a camera and I will definitely buy the NEX-7 (which I will buy) which in my opinion is a unique camera! Actually I think they are leading the whole photography world into a new direction, something Nikon and Canon aren’t doing yet!

I had a lot of talk with my sources in these days. They all do confirm that Sony will focus on the still&video experience, they are aware that NEX users need pancake lenses, they are aware that we need video optimized lenses (by the way Sony, take a look at the new X video lenses from Panasonic!), and least but not last ALL, I repeat ALL(!) sources do confirm Sony has a very busy and amazing fullframe roadmap! It will take some time before we see the new A99 and other full frame cameras. Sony wants to see if the A77 will be accepted well by the market and if there are some flaws to address.

So what’s next?
Actually I believe more lenses will be announced in a couple of months and I do expect Sony to make some major announcement right before the CES event in early January. I have been told that Sony is also working on a new type of cameras. But that is a surprise I will keep up for you later :) So this was just to say, that there will not a be a lot of time to rest here on SonyAlphaRumors!

See you soon! And thanks for your help in these days and weeks!!!