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WILD RUMOR: “Sony A5” for under $1,000 coming soon???


Let’s start with a fact: Sony registered two new cameras in Asia. One is a high end camera (because it uses a high end WiFI module) and one is a more consumer oriented camera (because it will be produced in China). Both are going to be announced pretty soon (probably in late June-early July timeframe)

Reliable rumors: The High end camera is likely to be the A7sII successor. And the second camera is surely a “new kind of Full Frame camera

New WILD RUMOR: I got the following rumor from a source who passed me correct Sony ZV-1 info. But in this case the info he got wasn’t from a “DIRECT” channel…so he is unsure if it’s true or not. What he heard is that Sony might announce an entry level Full Frame camera for under $1,000. It might be named Sony A5 or something like that. I guess it’s Sony’s answer to the $899 Canon EOS-RP.

That’s it, I really have nothing else to say yet. I do hope it’s a new E-mount entry level camera but keep expectations low until I don’t get at least some more “solid” info. Don’t forget to join our new Discord group if you wanna chat about more crazy wild rumors.

Assuming that crazy rumor is true. Would you be interested to buy the A5?

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