Zeiss launches new CP.2 E-mount Full Frame lenses..right in time for the FF NEX camcorder!


Last week I reported how Sony will announce an E-Mount Full Frame camcorder on September 12th. It’s the VG900 and will be priced a little bit above 3.000 Euro/Dollars. Today Zeiss announced E-mount lenses that will cover the full Full Frame sensor size! With Full Frame I mean the standard photographic size of 36x24mm!

The two lenses announced are:
The CZ.2 70/200/T2.9 E -> Click here to get a shock on the price :)
The CP.2 25/T2.1 -> more info at Zeiss homepage

The A99, the NEX-6, the VG900, all new Alpha and E-mount lenses will be announced on September 12th afternoon (London time).


Thanks Eddy