A77 design based on…socks :) + A77 with 16-50mm lens in Stock in USA


Hurry. There are now a couple of A77 with 16-50mm lens in Stock at Amazon (Click here). Sold directly via Amazon itself for the normal price. But there is only one single body only option left at Amazon (Click here).

And what’s really interesting is that interview with the Sony A77 and A65 designers at Sony.net (Click here). For the A77 and A65 the designers used a styling technique called “Tensile Skin.” I really didn’t understand well what that kind of design is and the explanation made by a Sony designer sounds a bit funny: “What helped me explore this idea was an ordinary sock. As soon as I stretched the sock over our structural mock-up, it transformed the jumble of blocks into a coherent, sculptural unit. It looked fresh, and the jutting edges resonated nicely with the gentle contours. Although this unified whole could be called “monoform,” it was hardly monotonous, and there was a pleasant sense of tension. I knew that following this approach would lead us to the new shape for Alpha SLRs.”

DId you understand it ??? :)


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