Historic data: Super slow start in the year by Sony….


A couple of months ago I told you that Sony would have quite a slow start in this new year. It’s even slower than the first half of 2023 when we “only” got the new ZV-E1 and ZV1-F. But Sony has been always relatively quiet the first 3 months of the year:

Jan-March product announcements (first three months of the year):
2024: Cameras: nothing Lenses: 24-50mm G (March 22)
2023: Cameras: ZV-E1 (March 29) Lenses: 20-70 G (Jan 17) 50 GM (Feb 21)
2022: Cameras: nothing Lenses: 16-35 PZ (March 22)
2021: Cameras: A1 (Jan 26) FX3 (Feb 23) Lenses: 35 GM (Jan 13) 50 1.2 GM (March 16) 244050 G (March 23)
2020: Cameras: nothing Lenses: 20 G (Feb 25)
2019: Cameras: A6400 (Jan 15) RX0II (March 26) Lenses: 135 GM (Feb 26)
2018: Cameras: A7III (Feb 27) Lenses: 85 G (Feb 7) 100 STM (Feb 7)
2017: Cameras: nothing Lenses: 85 GM (Feb 3). 70-200 GM (Feb 3) 24-70 GM (Feb 3) 50 f/1.8 (March 29) 70-300 (March 29)

So hold on folks, new ZV-E10II is coming soon and more Sony cameras are coming the second half of the year …one of them might be something really “innovative” ;)



Sony Tidbits…


Two Years with the Sony A7IV | Everything I Learned

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Sony RX100VI is out of Stock everywhere and might be soon discontinued


The recent weeks I noticed that the RX100VI is no more in Stock:

  • Amazon is NOT taking preorders anymore
  • BHphoto reports the camera will ship in 4-6 weeks
  • Adorama reports it’s “on Backorder”
  • FotoErhardt says it’s “on preorder”

Our reader Diego shared an interesting story:

I recently had to service my RX100M7 I bought at Best Buy in the US and I was told I needed to get a replacement through the extended warranty I had purchased. 

Unfortunately the replacement was actually just getting store credit at Best Buy for the original purchase amount. I tried to get the same camera again but now it’s out of stock when I’m pretty sure it was available one or two weeks earlier. Checking Amazon, B&H and the Sony website I’m realizing that it is also unavailable there. 

Does this mean it has been discontinued or replaced by something else? I just thought it was interesting reading your reports of a possible new camera that could compete with the Fuji X100VI.

A couple of weeks ago I reported that the Sony RX1rII has been discontinued…and now it seems the RX100VII is going to encounter the same destiny. I will soon share some info about possible new series of compact cameras ;)