New Rockstar 40mm f/5.6 about to be announced soon


The Chinese company Rockstar will soon announce this new 40mm f/5.6 FE lens. Specs:

  • 0,4m close focus
  • black and silver versions
  • 150g
  • 200 Dollars
  • Leica M mount will be released first with E-mount version coming soon after…

Not really sure why a f/5.6 prime would be interesting.

via Weibo


The Amazon EU deal on Sony lenses got extended: Up to 250 Euro off on Sony GM top lenses!


The deal got extended for five days:  Europeans save big money on twelve Sony E-mount lenses sold by Amazon Germany (Click here to see them all). You also save big money on Sony Audio products, and on the Sony Tough SD card!

These are the hottest deals:

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New Sony FX6 & FX9 firmware updates


Sony announced that it will soon release a major FX6 and FX9 firmware update. Explora published all details:

The soon-to-be-released v2.0 update for the FX6 improves AF tracking, adds 16-bit raw output and 4-ch audio metering, and more, while the FX9 v3.0 update highlights include improved autofocus, support for anamorphic lenses, B4 lens support, and additional control options.


Topaz launches multiple updates on their software and a new 15% discount


Topaz issued a major firmware update on their software (Click here) and you save 15% using the checkout code “rumor”.

Sharpen AI v3.3 at a glance

  • Improved masking experience – Everything you need to apply selective sharpening has been made more intuitive thanks to the newly designed Masking panel.
  • New AI-powered auto-selection tools – It’s even easier to selectively apply sharpening to the primary subject in your photo thanks to the new auto-selection tools. Choose from auto-detecting a subject, a portrait, or a landscape within your photo, and Sharpen AI will automatically create a mask of your selection.
  • Improved usability with the new AI model selector – We’ve made many improvements to Sharpen AI, including making it easier to choose the most effective AI models for your photos thanks to the auto model selection and refreshed model list.
  • (full list of new features can be read on that page)

Gigapixel AI v5.7 at a glance

  • Updated Standard AI model with Auto settings – Our newly trained Standard model provides sharper edge details and higher overall quality when upscaling a broad range of photos.
  • Improved cropping experience – We’ve improved the cropping tools to be more intuitive by presenting the most important settings you’ll need to refine your composition exactly the way you want it to be.
  • Lots of bug fixes and usability improvements – New AI model tooltips, improvements with keyboard shortcuts & scrolling, and a host of bug fixes make Gigapixel AI more convenient than ever before.
  • (full list of new features can be read on that page)

DeNoise AI v3.4 at a glance

  • Native Apple M1 silicon support – Experience 20-30% performance improvement compared to the previous version that required Rosetta emulation.
  • Expanded RAW file support – Additional RAW support for many popular new camera models.
  • AI Engine performance and stability improvements – Process improvements to the AI engine, usability enhancements throughout the user interface, and a more streamlined installation process on the Mac. We also squashed a lot of bugs.
  • (full list of new features can be read on that page)

Video Enhance AI v2.6 at a glance

  • Native Apple M1 silicon support – Experience a 20-30% performance boost compared to the previous version that required Rosetta emulation.
  • New Chronos Fast AI model – Built for high-resolution video clips with fast motion, delivering 2-3x faster performance than the current Chronos v2 AI model.
  • New Proteus, Artemis, and Dione AI models – Optimized to be about 30% faster on Windows computers while providing improved quality compared to previous models. Refinements to these AI models also increase video quality compared to previous versions.
  • Lots of usability improvements and bug fixes – We’ve made many improvements to our AI engine for improved speed and stability across a wider range of hardware, as well as including several helpful usability improvements.
  • (full list of new features can be read on that page)