RUMOR: Some more High End APS-C camera tidbits…


Image on top shows the current Sony A7c. The new High end APS-C camera will look very similar to it.

Another (new!) source told me this about the new High end camera. Not sure if it’s true but I guess it is:

The Alpha 6900 is a limited 32Mp APS-C Exmor RS version of Alpha 1 (Resolution: 6912×4608). It limits the the continuous shooting speed to 20FPS. And It use a pure electronic shutter with fast flash synchronization time at 1/250s. So the body of Alpha 6900 is even lighter than Alpha 6600.

To sum up:

  • Basically, an a7c with an aps-c sensor.
  • same EVF, LCD resolution
  • same tilt screen
  • same new menus
  • only minor tweaks to a7c body
  • BUT improved IBIS using smaller APS-C sensor
  • New sensor
  • higher resolution over current APS-C line
  • same FPS as a6600 but now pushing larger files
  • improved low-light performance
  • reduced rolling shutter
  • video specs may be close to a7c
  • price similar to a7c

Sony Tidbits…


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Amazing: Rodenstock TV-Heligon 50mm f/0.75 tested on the Sony A7r


Our reader Espen modified the Rodenstock TV-Heligon 50mm f/0.75 (on eBay here) so that it fits natively on the Sony E-mount cameras. He writes:

A month back I posted in this group about a new lens I was modifying for use on my Sony A7RII. The Rodenstock TV-Heligon 50mm f/0.75. There was people who were intrigued and wanted an update when it was done, and some very skeptical of the lens capabilities. No wonder some are skeptical of X-ray lenses (yes I know it’s not really an X-ray lens) in general, because the internet is flooded with fuzzy unsharp close-up shots, when people are using these types of lenses. Don’t think these were designed to do macro shots. Anyways here are the results of the three first test runs of my most light sensitive lens in my arsenal, on my trusted Sony A7RII. First off, it ain’t sharp by modern standards, but I don’t think anybody expected it to be. Weird thing is, it gets sharper the closer you come to infinity focus. Another thing to note, the image circle cover barely APS-C at portrait distance, and it almost touches the outer sensor filters, so it is kinda sketchy to use. I think I definitely am pushing my Sony A7RII to the limit with this one, but this camera series is one of the few that can actually use the lens effectively, to its full potential.
If you want to see the rest of the usable photos I captured and some more information on the lens, please visit this website (work in progress):

Here are a few images samples:


Press text: Sony Electronics Expands Functionality of Camera Remote SDK and Increases Range of Compatible Models


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Press text:

Sony Electronics Expands Functionality of Camera Remote SDK and Increases Range of Compatible Models

– Alpha 1 and RX0 II added to list of compatible Sony cameras
– Expanded USB and Wired Ethernet Connectivity allows control of up to 20 remote devices
– Addition of x86 Linux compatibility

Sony Electronics Inc. has launched an update (Version 1.04) to its Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK) which extends the list of supported cameras to include the Alpha 1 and RX0 II. The addition of these models opens many new opportunities for companies to utilize the industry leading technology in Sony’s cameras to develop tailored camera applications to improve their own workflow.

The Alpha 1 is particularly suited to content creation and the inspection industry due to its unprecedented combination of resolution and speed with Ethernet control. RX0 II is ideal for 3D scanning and Photobooth usage, due to its ultra-compact body and high image quality made possible by its 1.0-type image sensor.

The latest update now means that up to 20 camera devices can be connected via USB, with the additional benefits of Ethernet connectivity that enable users to operate system over much greater distances.

“Since the launch of the SDK in February 2020, demand has been fantastic and we have engaged with new B2B partners across the globe to take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of cameras such as the Alpha 7S III and Alpha 7R IV,” said Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “Improving the connectivity options for wired multi-camera solutions is crucial for applications in areas such as e-commerce and 3D scanning, and we will continue to evolve our offering to best support the needs of our customers.”

Camera Remote SDK allows users to control Sony’s cameras remotely from a computer, from changing the camera settings, to remote shutter release and live view monitoring. With this SDK, software developers can design customized applications tailored to business requirements, integrating Sony’s professional equipment for size-critical drone and speed camera systems as well as other medical, education, government, and e-commerce functions.

Digital production agency Stasis Media is one such example. Stasis is one of the leading providers of real-time visualization, augmented and virtual reality solutions, photogrammetry and 3D scanning.

“The ability to connect multiple cameras in the same session per machine, will greatly expand our photogrammetry capture rig capabilities,” said Craig Mason, Director, Stasis Media. “The support for the RX0 II gives us capacity to perform full-body scans at high quality, in tandem with face capture, all as part of the same workflow. This is a great addition to the Sony toolset and will allow us to make use of Sony’s high-quality imaging sensors for rapid, high quality photogrammetry scanning.”

In addition to the existing support for Windows® 8.1/10, ARM Linux® and macOS®, Version 1.04 of the SDK introduces support for x86 Linux, making integration easy for industry customers traditionally using x86 computers. Full details of the Camera Remote SDK, including case studies and the full list of compatible products can be found at