Phillip Reeve reviews the new Voigtlander 50mm f/2.0 FE: ” It currently sets the standard both for optical performance as well as for handling”


This very sharp little lens is in Stock for the first time via BHphoto.

Phillip Reeve tested the new lens and is very impressed by its performance:

The Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar is among the optically most perfect lenses on the market right now. Not only does it show excellent sharpness and contrast across the frame from f/2, it also lives up to the APO-label and corrects CA to a degree where it is a no issue even in demanding images. Bokeh is well above average for a 50mm lens. Distortion is another non issue and flare resistance among the best in class. Other lenses have a little smoother bokeh but most of the time the 2/50 APO’s bokeh is unobtrusive. The only thing that is average about the APO-Lanthar is its vignetting which is a small price to pay for this level of performance and compact size.

But the Voigtlander 2/50 APO doesn’t only deliver an impressive optical performance, it also is one of the most pleasant to handle lenses I have ever used thanks to a relatively small size, well thought out design and excellent mechanics. I only wished Cosina had also added weather sealing since Sony camera’s have improved a lot in this regard and any other lens in its price class offers it.

The designers of the Voigtlander 50mm F2 APO-Lanthar are right to be proud of it. It currently sets the standard both for optical performance as well as for handling. For such a high performing lens the price is very reasonable but of course still high for a 2/50 lens.

Sounds impressive….now I want to test one too!


This is what Sony said about the future A7sIII: It will have 4k60p and 10bit 4:2:2 and exceed expectations!


I keep reading comments on the web saying Sony might not release the new A7sIII at all. Don’t worry folks it is coming this year! And if you still are worried keep in mind that Sony confirmed this multiple times ( Statement 1, Statement 2, Statement 3).

This is what the A7sIII will be according to Sony:

  • Definitely at least “4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2″
  • Some features will go “beyond the expectations”
  • And “of course more battery power, increased AF accuracy – many things!”

So this is what Sony stated over and over again. The A7sII successor is coming this year and my personal guess is that we might see it at the NABshow in April.

As far as rumors go…

This is the little I got from one reliable source who saw the prototype:

  • The prototype camera recorder 4k120p (and had no 8K recording)
  • The prototype camera was much thicker and had a cooling vent
  • Same kind of A9II improvements (AF, build quality, weather sealing)

So that’s it about the A7sII successor. Now let’s hope Sony really delivers the BIG promise they made!


2020 rumors summary:
– Sony will launch a new wide angle high quality lens (I suspect it will be announced during first half 2020)
– Sony might launch a new 300mm f/2.8 FE GM before the Tokyo Olympics
– Sony has officially registered a new camera code in Asia. It’s for a low end model (Unclear if it’s the RX10V)
– Sony is likely to have a new camera on market in March (I hope it’s the A7IV but got no solid confirmations yet)
– Sigma is going to launch a new 70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens

Rumor ranking explained:
I now post only  two kind of rumors:

RUMOR: Marks rumors that  are somehow more solid and likely to be true
WILD RUMOR: Marks rumor that are from anonymous and first time sources. We post them just for the sake of fun and clickbait of course  :)

Note: Please hold me accountable for the “RUMOR” and not for “WILD RUMOR”  :)


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The latest 4.1 updated has added those new features:

NEW Atmospheric Haze for even more realism.
NEW Erase Tool Technology.
Improved performance and stability.
Improved Algorithm in Portrait Enhancer Tool.
Adjustments Amount Slider added.
Full support for Photoshop 2020.
Expanded User Manual.


RUMOR: Sony has registered a new camera in Asia: It’s a new compact camera (RX, Cybershot or Action camera)


Back in December I reported that Sony registered a new camera in Asia and that it would likely be a new RX model. Well today the same camera code got registered in another Asian agency and this times we can be 100% sure it’s a new Cybershot, RX or action camera because the registration clearly says the camera uses the NP-BX1 battery. This battery is currently used by those cameras:


Action Cam:

It’s too early for a new RX100 model and I doubt the RX1 successor is coming. So my bet goes on an action camera…

Via Nokishita


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