Quick size comparison between the Noct 58mm f/0,95 lens and Sony 50mm FE lenses


Nikon’s main goal has been surely achieved: The new about the new $8,000 Noct 58mm f/0,95 Z lens is going viral on the web. It doesn’t matter if only a handful of people will really buy it :)

Just for the sake of curiosity here are some size comparisons with Sony 50mm FE lenses via CameraSize:

Noct with the Meyer/Mitakon 50mm f/0,95 FE lens

Noct with the Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 FE

And here is the spec comparison with the Sony A6400 and Nikon Z50 (complete specs comparison on that BHphoto page)


Cool: Sony Presents 48MP All-pixel PDAF and 3-layer Organic sensor


Image Sensor World reports that Sony will present a new 48MP All-pixel PDAF sensor and a new 3-layer Organic sensor at the IEDM 2019:

New 48Mp PDAF sensor:

We created the world’s first all PDAF CMOS image sensor using 2×2 on-chip lens architecture. That had 1/2 inch 48M pixels with 0.8µm Quad Bayer coding for high resolution and HDR function, and all PDAF pixels achieved a minimum AF illuminance level of 1 lux.

New 3 layer Organic sensor:

A three-layer stacked color image sensor was formed using an organic film. The sensor decreases the false color problem as it dose not require demosaicing. Furthermore, with the 2.0-μm pixel image sensor, improved spectral characteristics owing to green adsorption by the organic film above the red/blue photodiode, were successfully demonstrated.

New InGas Sony sensor:

We developed a back-illuminated InGaAs image sensor with 1280 x 1040 pixels at 5-um pitch by using Cu-Cu hybridization connecting different materials, a III-V InGaAs/InP of photodiode array, and a silicon readout integrated circuit (ROIC). A prototype device showed high sensitivity at visible to SWIR wavelengths and low dark current.

SAR’s take:

The one sensor I am particularly  interested to see in action is the 3 layer organic film. Sigma is working hard on making a new FF 3 layer  sensor camera in 2020. And Panasonic-Fuji are also working on a new organic sensor. On paper Sony seems to making a bit jump ahead by combining both  this tech into one sensor


In the Field with Opteka E-mount Lenses


This  is the first time I see a review of these “cheap” Opteka E-mount lenses. You can read the test on Explora (Click here):

When reviewing lenses in this price range, which in this case works out to less than a Benjamin (at press time) for the 50mm lens and less than 2 Benji’s (again, at press time) for the 12mm lens, you have to expect a certain degree of compromise. In the case of Opteka, the shortcomings tend to be in the machining of the components. As mentioned up front, mounting and unmounting the lenses required a bit of care since the lens mount did not engage smoothly with the camera. When shooting with digital cameras, dust on your sensor is par for the course. Metal shavings are another story. (No—I didn’t see evidence of metal filings on the camera sensor but, when you have to use effort to get a lens on or off the body, metal particles falling onto the camera sensor are not out of the question.

Complaints aside, I did manage to capture a fair share of esthetically and technically pleasing photographs while testing these lenses and, despite my gripes, I would still recommend these lenses for shooters looking to expand their photographic horizons without having to break the bank.


First images of the new Rumiere APO 75mm f/0.95 FE lens!


This is the new Rumiere APO 75mm f/0.95 FE manual focusing lens. It is made by Nisi and they did already show an early prototype of this lens a year ago (see the article here).

I find it interesting that their “Noct-master” logo clearly resembles that one of the Nikon 58mm f/0,95 lens that will be announced tomorrow:

Nikon might sue them if they really use that logo :)

Here are more images of the lens:

I have no info about the possible price and launch date yet…but surely it looks like an intriguing lens!


Sony has invited journalist to test the new A9II body and a “few surprises” on the Creative Space


A couple of journalists have been officially invited by Sony. And the invitation letter says they will test the new A9II body and a “few surprises”. I wouldn’t read too much into this word “surprises”. I got no info about possible new lens announcements yet…and those surprises might as well be ood food and drinks :)

Still, sure is that there will be a journalists-youtubers-photographers meeting on October 23.