Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic and Canon now pressing hard on Mirrorless…Sony time to speed up the innovation pace again?

Many Sony readers complained that no Sony APS-C camera was able to match the performance and usability of the Fuji X-T3. And in just one month from now we will get the new X-T4 with IBIS too. IBIS was the one thing the A6600 had and Fuji couldn’t match.

At the same time Nikon and Panasonic are talking the lead in the video arena by offering features current Sony FF camera don’t have.

And last but not least Canon is finally catching up and learning from their past mistakes. And a new EOS-R High resolution camera will be announced soon too.

The message now is clear dear Sony: Don’t become what Canon and Nikon have been in the past: Conservative leaders trying to slow down the pace of innovation. At the moment your sensor and autofocus performance still leads but in other areas your competition has matched or outperformed you. The Eye-AF performance of Fuji-Canon-Nikon cameras already is very close and soon expected to match Sonys performance on future models or via future FW updates.

So my call is this; After Seven years of constant evolution we may need:

  • Expand the range with new camera designs: X-T3 alike APS-C cameras, newly designed FF bodies that don’t look like flat bodies with a grip glued on it.
  • New radical usability changes and features: learn from your smartphone business and add easy sharing of images. Just integrate the Google APP store for example like Samsung did on some of their last NX models. I want to be able to INSTANTLY share an image directly from the camera without the need to transfer them on my phone first.
  • New generation of sensors: Three layer Foveon alike sensor, Global Shutters and so forth
  • New fascinating radical ideas: Curved sensors, large format mirrorless cameras that do outperform the Fuji GFX system and so forth…

I am sure SAR readers will have more (and maybe better) ideas to share in the comment system. The main message is simply this: WOW us again!

DxO PhotoLab 3.1 adds support for the A9II, A6600 and A6100 cameras

The newly released DxO PhotoLab 3.1 now supports the last three new Sony E-mount cameras. If you don’t know if the software suites for you TEST this 30-day free trial with all DxO PhotoLab features unlocked (Click here).

PhotoLab 3.1 improvements:

Keyword support: Added keyword management
It is now possible to add and delete keywords on one or more images simultaneously
When you select the keyword entry field, a list of recent keywords is displayed for ease of use

Support for new cameras
Canon EOS M6 mk II
Canon EOS 90D
Canon EOS M200
Fujifilm GFX 100
Nikon Z50
Olympus E-M5 mk III
Sony A9 II
Sony A6600
Sony A6100

Bug fixes
Improved PhotoLab stability
Minor bug fixes

Wild speculation hits the web again: Sony A7sIV and A7IV sensor specs

Click on the image to enlarge

Back in July I posted those six new Sony ensor specs. Those are sensors available for Sony and for third party companies. Androidlad posted this image showing the A7sIV and A7IV specs.

But I want to remark that this is just a pure guess for now! There is no way to tell if Sony will use those sensors or a customized version. What I find odd is that the A7sIV would only be able to record 4k/30p. No way the A7sIV doesn’t have at least 4k/60p folks!

So please, take this table just a wild speculation!

Japan December sales results: Nikon regains the second position at Sony’s cost

BCNranking posted the Japanese sales result for December. In the interchangeable system camera business Sony lost the second position and now has 17,5% of the share. Nikon re-gained the second position and now has 19,2% of the share.

This isn’t a surprise because Nikon announce a very decent Z-50 affordable camera while Sony’s new A9II is only meant to sell in small numbers to professionals.

On the other hand it’s a bit surprising  to see that both Canon and Fuji shares dropped slightly while Olympus slaes seem to do very fine in Japan.

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An unexpected visit to st huberts church, wasn’t great sky,but was a great place to see…
Sony a7rii•⁠f11•⁠iso-50•⁠60secs•⁠16mm•⁠

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Venus Optics quietly announced the new Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye E-mount lens…and its in Stock now!

You can now buy this new Laowa 4mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount Fisheye lens at Venuslens.net (Choose Sony E as mount option).

And the world’s first review of the E-mount version has been posted on SonyAlphaBlog:

Well at 279 euros , the Laowa 4mm F2.8 is in the high price range of circular fisheye for Sony E mount but the results are there : among the 11 fisheye for sony E-Mount it is the best one for circular fisheye , the Samyang 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II (360 euros) being the best for stereographic fisheye (filling entire frame)

Using the Laowa 4mm gives you a unique perpective with 210° field of view, images are very sharp and color rendition is very good. Morever you keep (almost) a circular frame when using it in video