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are Sigma ART Sony FE lenses any good? (24mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4)

Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
Sony A9 firmware 5.0 is here and it just blows away everyting (Alin Popescu).
VILTROX 85mm F1.8 Manual Focus Prime Lens for Sony FE (Ayrne).
Contax Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 4.5-5.6/100-300 review (Phillip Reeve).
Sony FE 35mm f1.4 ZA review (CameraLabs).
Guy modifies the official Panasonic S advertisement video and adds flip screen :) (L-rumors).
Choose Your Own Accessories with SmallHD’s FOCUS Base Monitors (Explora).

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Now 14 months since the last FF E-mount camera announcement and market is still shrinking…

Two interesting facts to report:

1) We now entered the fourtheenth months without a new Sony FF E-mount camera announcement. This is a new record for Sony and it shows they have slowed the peace of camera releases

2) CIPA reports that camera shipments for February 2019 dropped by 35% compared to last year.

All companies did slow down their release cycle and reduce investments. And this will again depress the market even further. The only way to stop this would to bring some real innovation and usability improvements. I hope Sony’s next generation cameras and sensors will be able to stop this overall downtrend…


Capture One 12.0.3 adds Sony A6400 support and multiple fixes

First a reminder: The Capture One deal on all Sony packages (Click here) has been extended to April 30! You save 50% on the perpetual license, the subscription pan and the style bundles.

And today official support for the new Sony A6400 and the Tokina 20mm FE AF lens has been added.

12.0.3 Bug Fixes Mac
• Fixed an issue in the Next Capture Adjustments tool where it was not possible to select a new style if it had overwritten an existing one
• Fixed an issue where it was not possible to move images to a different drive/partition
• Fixed an issue where the content of some session folders where sometimes
inconsistent compared to their equivalent in system folders
• Fixed an issue where Leaf Drivers Kext did not install properly
• Fixed an issue in the Camera Inspector tool where long advice messages were not
fully visible
• Fixed an issue where scaled preview was not sharp compared to previous versions
of Capture One
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred while picking in the color editor on an image
with applied Fuji lm Film Simulation
• AppleScript: Fixed an issue where AppleEvent handler failed in session folders
• AppleScript: Fixed an issue where ‘selected’ property did not work when session
folder was selected

12.0.3 Bug Fixes Win
• Fixed an issue where moving images from Media Pro to Capture One resulted in hierarchical keywords
• Fixed an issue when deleting images and then shooting new images with the exact same name made them not show up in the thumbnail browser
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred while picking in the color editor on an image with applied Fuji lm Film Simulation

12.0.3 Additional notes
The workspace in Capture One Express (Mac and Win) has been updated to bring a more intuitive experience

Sony NAB Show press conference summary

This is the live stream video of the Sony press conference. UPDATE: It’s over now and as expected no E-mount related announcements were made:

Overall very non exciting video related announcements. But this seems to be a common theme for all companies at this years NAB. With very limited and incremental announcements.

Here is some of the stuff shared today by Sony:

1) They confirmed a new VENICE firmware update coming this June (press release from January)
2) Sony announced the new Sony HDC-5500 camcorder (press release here and product page here)
3) Sony CBK-FS7BK ENG Style Build-up Kit for FS7/FS7II (Newsshooter).
4) Below you can see a tweet showing this crazy 16K screen installation.

KIPON start to deliver latest mark2 version of their E-mount adapters

Press text:

KIPON start to deliver latest mark2 version to use upgraded optic system for both FF to Apsc& FF to MFT two lines Baveyes 0.7x focal reducers

KIPON start to deliver latest mark2 version to use upgraded optic system for both FF to Apsc& FF to MFT two lines Baveyes 0.7x focal reducers, can get the image with more high resolution, fit over 4K high density digital sensors.

Baveyes EF-S/E AF 0.7x
Baveyes LEICA/R-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes NIKON-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes M42-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes Alpa-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes EOS-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes NIKON G-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes OM-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes C/Y-S/E 0.7x
Baveyes PL-S/E 0.7x

They will be available soon here on Amazon and BHphoto.

This week SAR readers photos selection

Prof. Amir Leshem (UPDATE: We made a copy and paste error of the author. Apology!)
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