New Topaz AI software updates

Just recently I told you that Topaz has completely redone the website for their AI software. Check out the new pages at Photo Ai, Video AI, GigaPixel AI. And now we got updates:

Photo Ai Full changelog for version 3.0.2:

  • LrC will now export DNGs when processing RAWs without “Adjust Lighting” or “Balance Color”
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by large exports of RAW images
  • Fixed “Add to collections” feature for LrC sometimes not working on Mac
  • Fixed autopilot not applying to batch exports in some scenarios
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin not saving changes back to PS on some devices
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin looping when cancelling an export
  • Fixed the upscaling model selector not showing full names of models
  • Fixed images sometimes being skipped during export
  • Fixed switching images causing the wrong filters to be processed
  • Fixed RAW Denoise being added to invalid RAW images
  • Fixed context menu sometimes not opening
  • Fixed the shortcuts in preferences being horizontally draggable
  • Fixed invalid state when removing all enhancements on RAW images
  • Fixed incorrect font rendering on machines without the Inter font
  • Added support for window snapping on Windows
  • Adjusted PS dialogs on Mac and Windows
  • Updated Lensfun

GigaPixel AI Full changelog for version 7.1.3:

  • Fixed an issue where pinch to zoom capped at fit zoom levels
  • Fixed an issue which caused model flashing when toggling legacy models
  • Fixed an issue where clicking an already chosen item re-loaded the image
  • Fixed an issue where Shift + F (show detected faces) would not work in the comparison view
  • Automatic Lensfun Update

Video AI Full changelog for version 5.0.3:

  • Added back reset button for timeline zoom.
  • Added .SER as an importable file type.
  • Fixed certain input tiff sequences failing to load with projects.
  • Fixed 0s elapsed bug when finishing export.
  • Fixed stabilization not reloading in app (loading with error).
  • Fixed benchmarking failing to load.
  • Fixed trim + crop + rotation persistence across projects.
  • Fixed EXR+DPX failing to reconvert.

Sony Tidbits…

The Sony E-Mount Advantage

Today deals at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, FotoErhardt DE, FotoKoch DE.
Multiple reports about an increase in sales of “old” digital compact cameras and film cameras (MirrorlessRumors).
Testing Which Camera Has the Best Black and White JPEG Profile (PetaPixel).
Is It Pure Magic or just Lens Porn? Sony 35mm F1.4 G Master Review! (Pav SZ).
Basic Camera Settings for Beginning Portraitists (Explora).
How to Improve Your Photography in 2024, According to Pro Photographers (42West).

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New Nextorage “BEST-IN-CLASS” Type A cards are in Stock now at Amazon: 950MB/s in write/read and up to 2TB!

The brand new Nextorage Type A cards are now in Stock at Amazon US (Click here). There are two kind of cards, the VPG200 and VGP400 cards:

NX-A1PRO VPG400 (Read 950MB/s Write 950MB/s, VPG400 and minimum sustained write/read speed of 850 MB/s)

NX-A1SE VPG200 (Read 950MB/s Write 950MB/s, VPG200 minimum sustained write speed of 200 MB/s)

NX-A1PRO  is “Best in class”:

NX-A1PRO Series achieved a maximum read/write speed of 950 MB/s and a minimum sustained write speed of 850 MB/s, increases the number of continuous shots during high-speed continuous shooting and further reduces the buffer memory release time.  The high-speed data transfer maximizes camera performance and minimizes buffer release time, efficiently supporting users capturing moments through photography.
The NX-A1PRO Series CFexpress Type A card is equipped with Nextorage’s Dynamic Auto Power Save, a power saving system that reduces 88% power consumption in video recording compared to non-equipped pSLC CFexpress cards ― contributes not only to saving the camera’s battery life, but to maintaining sustained write speed by suppressing thermal throttling.

Exterior durability is tested in an environment compliant with CompactFlash Association regulations:

  • Operating Temperature Resistance: 14 ℉ to 158 ℉
  • Shock Resistance
  • X-ray Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Anti-Static

Card features:

Click on image to enlarge

Four Sony cameras among Mapcamera’s top sellers in April

The large Japanese store Mapcamera shared the top 10 of the best selling cameras in April:

  1. Fujifilm X-T5
  2. Nikon Z f
  3. Sony α7C II
  4. Sony ZV-E10
  5. Sony α7IV
  6. Canon EOS R6 Mark II
  7. Sony α7RV
  8. DJI Osmo Pocket 3
  9. OM-1 II
  10. Nikon Z8

Some thoughts on this ranking:

  • The X-T5 has an impressive jump to the top. People can’t find the X100VI in Stock and therefore might be getting the Fujifilm X-T5 instead.
  • Sony still selling strong with 4 out of 10 cameras in the top 10
  • DJI finally made it into the top 10. And I suspect in the years to come DJI will be seen very often in those kind of rankings

Warning: Cheapest CFexpress Type A VPG 400 from Airusan now in Stock and shipping. But it’s not approved by the CFA association.

Readers told me they got their new Airusan 256GB Type A card from Amazon US and EU (Click here). On “paper” this is the cheapest VPG 400 rated card you can get. But once more I want to remind you that the rating has NOT been approved by the CFA association (Source: PetaPixel). They are violating the trademark rights and I don’t know if Airusan will try to get an approval now or if CFA will try to ban those cards.

By the way, could some of you make an official test to see if this card really delivers on the promised consistent speed?

This is a better ans “safer” deal:

OWC 4.0 generation CFexpress Type A cards are in Stock at Amazon US (on preorder but not in Stock at BHphoto, Adorama) Those are the options: