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Finally: CFA finally shared a list of VPG VERIFIED CFexpress Type A cards. And here are the recommended cards for your Sony camera!


Finally we have an accurate list of RELIABLE Type A cards!

The CompactFlashAssocitation tested all currently available Type A cards and those are the cards that are proven to support the minimum Bitrate and therefore ave consistent performance:

VPG 400 class (minimum fo 400MB/s the card can write continuously). Links to Amazon US&EU:

VPG 200 class (minimum fo 200MB/s the card can write continuously). Links to Amazon US&EU:

What is Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)?

The Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) is a standard established by the CompactFlash Association to ensure that memory cards can handle the high data rates required for video recording. Specifically, VPG guarantees a minimum sustained write speed necessary for recording high-quality video without dropping frames. This is crucial for professionals and videographers who rely on uninterrupted, high-resolution video capture.

The VPG classes marked by the logos on the card (e.g., VPG200, VPG400) indicate the minimum number of megabytes per second (MB/s) that the card can write continuously. Higher VPG ratings are indicative of better performance enabling more demanding video formats like 4K as well as allowing high-frame-rate recordings to be captured reliably. This standard helps consumers select the appropriate memory card for their specific video recording needs ensuring compatibility and performance.

CFA-Certified Media Cards that Support VPG Profiles

The following products from CFA Members are certified by CFA to support VPG classes VPG200 and VPG400.  For a card to support VPG, the card must pass the VPG certification test by CFA.  These cards will have the VPG certification logos – the clapboard logos with either 200 or 400 designators –  on their labels. End users requiring VPG Profiles should choose media cards from this list.  This list will be updated in real-time as new products are introduced.

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