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Sony manager Nobutatsu Takahashi-san: It’s not impossible to add electronic ND on small Alpha cameras.



At IBC 2022, we had the opportunity to talk to Sony’s Nobutatsu Takahashi-san, who is responsible for the Sony Cinema Line of cameras. In this interview, we learn about the underlying philosophy of Sony’s Cinema Line and the approach the company is taking to further empower filmmakers around the world.

A couple of key info:

  • electronic ND filter in small Alpha cameras:
    Currently, it is considered impossible to fit both an IBIS system and ND filters of any kind in such a small body, but as Nobutatsu Takahashi-san puts it “nothing is impossible”. With that in mind, there’s at least hope that we can benefit from both, IBIS, AF and e-ND in the future!
  • computational cinematography is a trend that will be impossible for anyone to ignore
  • Presently, the Sony Cinema Line looks like this: FX3, FX6, FX9, then nothing, and then VENICE (VENICE 2). We used to have the F5/F55 as an intermediate. As it is, Sony still sees the possibility for such intermediate cameras, in between workhorses like the FX9 and the very high-end VENICE cameras.

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