RUMOR: Yes Sony will announce new E-mount camera around the CP+ show. Is the A7IV finally going to be announced?

We now heard from two reliable sources that Sony will definitely announce new E-mount gear “around” the CP+ show.  On of the sources said there will be at least a new camera and a new handle with Bluetooth “VCT”.

I got NO confirmation yet about WHAT camera we should expect but I bet high on the new Sony A7 IV. After all the A7III was announced at the CP+ show two years ago.

I have no info on lenses yet but there is surely a good chance we might get 1-2 new lenses too. Like I reported days ago Sony plans to announce a total of SIX new E-mount lenses in 2020.

Now let’s guess the possible A7IV specs:
It safe to think the A7IV will be an evolution and not a revolution. Something like the A7rIV with a 24MP sensor. I would appreciate Sony to surprises us and at least offer us not the same A7III sensor but a completely new version of it.
For the rest I expect the A7IV to have the same EVF, same AF system and same body design of the A7rIV.

And when the A7sIII?
After a very long waiting I am now confident the A7sIII is coming at the NABshow. The only reliable rumor I got said it would have 4k120p and a vent on the back to cool down the sensor.


  • 6 new E-mount lenses will be announced in 2020 (1 APS-C, some lenses are update of current lenses, many tele lenses and on new wide angle GM lens)
  • 1 new camera will be announced around the CP+ show
  • 1 new grip will be announced around the CP+ show
  • Many more announcement expected from Sigma, Tamron, Tokina (85mm f/1.8 FE)…stay tuned on SAR for those rumors :)

RUMOR: Sony will announce 6 new E-mount lenses in 2020. Most of them tele primes and tele zooms?

This is a rumor from a very solid source. I  know this because he shared the 2019 lens roadmap I did NOT post on SAR because he was an anonymous first time source. Well his 2019 roadmap was right (it included for example the new 70-350mm lens). So I am confident this roadmap is realistic:

  • Sony plans to launch six more E-mount lenses in 2020
  • One of them will be APS-C
  • Most lenses will be tele primes and tele zooms (but some of them might be updates of current lenses like 70-200mm G).

I guess it makes sense for Sony to update some of their lenses (particularly some GM zooms) and to launch new tele lenses that can suite sport and wildlife shooters.

Rumor ranking explained:
I now post only  two kind of rumors:

RUMOR: Marks rumors that  are somehow more solid and likely to be true
WILD RUMOR: Marks rumor that are from anonymous and first time sources. We post them just for the sake of fun and clickbait of course  :)

Note: Please hold me accountable for the “RUMOR” and not for “WILD RUMOR”  :)

Hurray folks! Sony just registered a new camera in Asia! Means there is an announcement soon :)

Sony registered a new camera in Asia. It has the code “WW119533” and 2,4GHx Wifi. Th Wifi capabilities suggest this is NOT a High End model. Maybe a new RX camera? RX10V?

By the way rumors saying the IMX521 sensor data got leaked today are quite off as we reported about that sensor back in July :) I have no clue if this is the sensor that will be used by the A7sIII. Anyway key specs are:

via Nokishita

Sony confirmed Photokina presence and says it will “give us the opportunity to present our latest innovations”

Sony manager Yosuke Aoki has officially confirmed they will be present at the May 2020 Photokina event:

“Sony is very glad to be part of Photokina again next year. Photokina 2020 gives us the opportunity to present our latest innovations and to maintain a direct dialog with all Digital Imaging Lovers. Sony is looking forward to seeing you all in Cologne.” 

Photokina starts on May 27 and I will be there :)  I bet I will see the A7IV…and hopefully the A7sIV too!!!

LEAKED: This is the new Tokina ATX-M 85mm f/1.8 FE lens!

This is the leaked image of the new Tokina 85mm f/1.8 FE lens. The lens will start shipping out on February 7 and cost around $500+ (550 Euro).

It’s hard to make a decent size comparison as the image show the lens slightly tilted. But it looks like the lens will be bigger than the excellent Sony 85mm f/1.8 and about on par with the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8:

No info yet about when the lens will be officially announced by Tokina but I guess it will be unveiled sometimes in January…

Thanks Jose!

RUMOR: Sony’s next announcement might give us a fast GM wide angle lens!

A reliable source shared these two info:

1) Sony will announce a high quality lens in early 2020
2) The source isn’t yet 100% sure but he thinks this is a new GM wide angle lens!

What do you hope this lens will be?

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There is yet no info about a possible A7IV release in February….but I hope to get some info about this soon too!

Thanks Buddy!

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