Rumor recap: Sony A9II, Sony A7sIII, A6500 successor and new lenses

Time for a rumor recap:

Sony Cameras:
FACT: Sony confirms professional APS-C cameras are on their roadmap and said an enthusiast model is on the way (article here and article here).
FACT: Sony confirms new APS-C E-mount gear will be announced in 2019 and “exceed” expecations (article here).
FACT: Sony said the A7sIII will have more than people expect (article here).
FACT: Sony said A6500 successor is on the roadmap (article here).
RUMOR: Sony A9II to be released in September and have some revolutionary new features (article here).
RUMOR: Sony A7sIII is going to be announced this fall and feature a completely new kind of sensor (70% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: Sony 8k sensors and new codec specification (90% reliable – article here).

Sony Lenses:
FACT: Sony said f/1.2 FE lenses are a possibility (article here).
PATENT: Sony patented new 100mm f/1.4, 500mm f/4.0 and 600mm f/4.0 FE lenses (article here and article here).
RUMOR: New APS-C lens to be announced within Q2 (70% reliable)
RUMOR: New 35mm f/1.8 FE lens is on the roadmap (70% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: New 200-600mm FE lens is on the roadmap (50% reliable)

Third party lenses:
FACT: Sigma said first lens designed for Sony FF mirrorless will be announced whitin 2019 (article here).
FACT: Sigma said first compact lens primes (f/2.0?) designed for Sony FF mirrorless are in development (article here).
FACT: Tamron said a new FE zoom lens will be announced as next (rumored to be a 70-200mm f/2.8 FE – article here).
FACT: Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lens to be announced soon (article here).
RUMOR: Yongnuo will also announce new 35mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.0 and one 24-70mm FE lens this year! (90% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: New 50mm f/1.0 FE lens being developed by a chinese manufacturer (90% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: Samyang 45mm f/1.8 FE to be announced soon (99% reliable – article here).

One more thing:
PATENT: Sony patented a new drone camera (article here).

For potential SOURCES:
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Sony Russia manager says not all technologies are yet ready for the A7sIII and expect an A6500 successor!

The Russian website Photorar interviewed the Sony Russia manager. He shared two info about the future cameras:

Sony A7sII:

In order for this camera to become as popular and breakthrough as the A7S and A7SII, serious fundamental improvements must be added to it. My personal opinion is that not all technologies are ready for this. What can be improved in comparison with A7SII?

Sony A6xxx or A7xxx::

there will be a further development of the A6500 line.

Sounds like Sony’s next three cameras will be the A6700 or A7000, followed by the A9II and than the A7sIII!

(SR4) Reliable source says Sony plans to launch the A9II in September!

The following info comes from the sources who shared correctly those rumors: 100mm STF rumor (only missed the timing), A6500 and A9 rumor, 16-35mm GM rumors, 100-400mm GM rumor.
As you can see from the linked rumors he is quite reliable. But a sources alone isn’t enough to rank this SR5 and last year for example I had another reliable source sharing a wrong info. So for now I would say that there is a 70% chance this info is correct:

So this is the simple message he shared:

Fall (likely September)

I know the current Sony A9 just got an exciting new firmware update and some might wonder why the A9II has to be released in September already. Truth is Sony wants to have at least some presence on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And they have to release a new camera early enough so that professionals can test it thoroughly. And don’t forget Canon and Nikon will release their new DSLR sports cameras this summer-autumn too….

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One more thing: Nokishita previously reported one more E-mount camera should be announced within June. But I guess this will be the A6500 replacement and not a Full Frame camera…

Sigma CEO says compact (f/2.0?) primes for Full Frame mirrorless are in development…

Sigma CEO Yamaki got interview at Dpreview. There are two news that might be interesting for our readers:

  1. Sigma plans to launch a couple of properly designed Full Frame mirrorless L-mount lenses by end 2019. While Yamaki doesn’t mention it I am certain those very same lenses will be launched as native E-mount versions too
  2. Sigma is considering to launch smaller and more compact (f/2.0?) primes for mirrorless FF cameras. Nice idea!

Can’t wait to see all those new E-mount lenses!


Sony interview at DPreview: Sony A7s alike APS-C camera is a possibility…and yes A7sIII will exceed expectations!

Dpreview interviewed Kenji Tanaka from Sony. Here are some of the most interesting news:

Computational photography:The next step is we have to learn more things from computational photography

Sony’s answer to low price competition (Canon RP):I want our technology to be the reason people are attracted to Sony, not the price

Sony’s advantage over the competition:Last year we said that speed and AI would be our new technology drivers, and since then other mirrorless companies have tried to develop these technologies.”

Full Frame vs APS-C strategy:Full-frame is the best platform to deliver our technologies. But of course these technologies need to cascade down for APS-C customers. So we will focus on both groups of customers, but [the] timing is a little different. First full-frame, then APS-C.

About possible APS-C “GM” branded Lenses:Maybe not as ‘GM’, but high quality lenses are definitely an option [for development]”

APS-C professional market:Honestly speaking, for still photography, full-frame is [more appropriate] for professionals. But for video, APS-C is good for both amateur and professional customers, because it’s size is close to Super 35mm, [which is a] video Image sensor format.

APS-C typed Sony A7s is an option:That is possible, I think. For example, looking at the US market, at the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, I think that’s a wonderful product for professionals. Not only for high-end amateurs. The sensor size of that camera is Micro Four Thirds, and [Sony’s] APS-C is bigger.

A7sIII basic expectations:The basic expectation is for things like 4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2. I want to think in a different way and create something that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. It’s easy to add 4K/60, but beyond these specs, a lot of customers have other kinds of demands, and that’s what we’re researching.

Dpreview sums up the interview and says this:

Mr Tanaka did hint at greater emphasis on APS-C in the near future though, including – crucially – the possibility of some high-end lenses to come.


Tamron confirmed Telephoto FE zoom is arriving soon

A mockup (almost final) of 17-28 mm f / 2.8 Di III RXD (Phototrend)

The French website Phototrend interviewed Kenji Nakagawa and Koji Satoh from Tamron. Kenji Nakagawa said this:

Regarding our strategy for the hybrid, today we already have a 28-75mm f / 2.8 and we announced the development of 17-28mm f / 2.8. We should also propose later another zoom lens that will cover the telephoto zoom range. Once available, this lens will cover the 17mm focal range at the telephoto. This is the first step to reach.

Oh yes, sounds like we are getting a new 70-200mm f/2.8 FE soon too ;)

But Kenji also talked about possible prime FE lenses:

We can also think of more advanced products, such as optics with stabilization or other functions, and we may have fixed focal lengths inspired by the SP range. There is a lot to do right now, the hybrid market is growing and we do not have enough products yet.
Our strategy is therefore to offer higher-level optics, the market moves very fast and we must accelerate to follow this market.