First leaked images of the new Sigma 15mm and 500mm lenses!

Here you have the first leaked images of the two upcoming Sigma lenses that will be announced on Feb 21 at 2am Berlim time (Feb 20 at 8pm New York time).

Sigma 500mm f/5.6 specs:

  • Lightweight lens…less than 1,5kg and so the lightest telephoto prime lens you can buy.
  • Very fast AF on Sony A1 (lens has linear motor)
  • Sadly frame rate is still limited to 15fps (that’s Sony’s fault and I hope Sony will change this policy)
  • The lens sharper than the Sony 200-600 G
  • Doesn’t take teleconverters
  • very low chromatic aberration
  • Coming for Sony E and Leica L mount cameras
  • Price just under $3,000 and around 3500 Euro.

Sigma 15mm f/1.4 diagonal fisheye lens

  • The lens looks nearly exactly like the current Sigma 14mm f/1.4.
  • Same shape, similar weight.
  • Coming for Sony E and Leica L mount cameras

Confirmed: Sony “WOW” product announcement coming soon after the CP+ show

The Cp+ show is kicking off on Feb 22 and these are the new product we will get:

  • Sigma 500mm f/5.6 (Feb 20 at 8pm New York time)
  • Sigma 15mm f/1.4 diagonal fisheye lens (Feb 20 at 8pm New York time)
  • Sony 24-50mm f/2.8 G (Feb 21 at around 10am New York time)

Some additional tidbits:

  • Laowa 10mm f/2.8 FE reorder will open on Feb 20 at 8am New York time
  • Sony will also launch this new 5G device in USA and Eu

And now to the HOT stuff: I was finally able to triple check the rumor about the so called “WOW” product. This means that after the CP+ show I can finally share first 100% reliable info about this. All I can say to you for now is the following:

  • No other manufacturer ever did this!
  • it’s a kind of product of much broader interest than the A9III (which is a niche product). So most of you will be happy to get this…even if it’s expensive!
  • It should be also the first product of a new kind of lineup.

I likely will do a live stream about this WOW product soon. If you want to be notified about when this is going to happen that subscribe here:

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Crazy! Sigma will announce a new 15mm f/1.4 diagonal fisheye lens!

Damn what a surprise! Around February 21 (day varies according to timezone) Sigma will announce two new lenses:

  • 500mm F5.6 DG DN OS | Sports

And that 15mm f/1.4 is a never seen before kind of lens. Nobody ever made such a fast Full Frame Fisheye lens before. The only lenses coming close are the Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO (it’s a MFT lens so FF equivalence is 16mm f/3.6) and the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM Lens. Having a f/1.4 fisheye lens will likely open some new possibilities never explored before. Bold move Sigma! But I wonder how big this lens will be! I bet it’s going to be massive! I hope trusted sources can soon share some images and full specs of this lens.

Circular vs Diagonal Fisheye:
The circular fisheye effect gives a 180-degree angle of view across the whole periphery.
A diagonal fisheye effect captures a roughly 180-degree diagonal angle-of-view and a greatly distorted view of the image periphery. This effect is also known as a “full-frame fisheye” effect because the resulting image covers the entire frame.

Reminder: Sigma 500mm f/5.6 specs:

  • Lightweight lens…less than 1,5kg and so the lightest telephoto prime lens you can buy.
  • Very fast AF on Sony A1 (lens has linear motor)
  • The lens sharper than the Sony 200-600 G
  • very low chromatic aberration
  • Coming for Sony E and Leica L mount cameras
  • Price just under $3,000
  • Announcement on February 21.

Finally: CFA finally shared a list of VPG VERIFIED CFexpress Type A cards. And here are the recommended cards for your Sony camera!

Finally we have an accurate list of RELIABLE Type A cards!

The CompactFlashAssocitation tested all currently available Type A cards and those are the cards that are proven to support the minimum Bitrate and therefore ave consistent performance:

VPG 400 class (minimum fo 400MB/s the card can write continuously). Links to Amazon US&EU:

VPG 200 class (minimum fo 200MB/s the card can write continuously). Links to Amazon US&EU:

What is Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)?

The Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) is a standard established by the CompactFlash Association to ensure that memory cards can handle the high data rates required for video recording. Specifically, VPG guarantees a minimum sustained write speed necessary for recording high-quality video without dropping frames. This is crucial for professionals and videographers who rely on uninterrupted, high-resolution video capture.

The VPG classes marked by the logos on the card (e.g., VPG200, VPG400) indicate the minimum number of megabytes per second (MB/s) that the card can write continuously. Higher VPG ratings are indicative of better performance enabling more demanding video formats like 4K as well as allowing high-frame-rate recordings to be captured reliably. This standard helps consumers select the appropriate memory card for their specific video recording needs ensuring compatibility and performance.

CFA-Certified Media Cards that Support VPG Profiles

The following products from CFA Members are certified by CFA to support VPG classes VPG200 and VPG400.  For a card to support VPG, the card must pass the VPG certification test by CFA.  These cards will have the VPG certification logos – the clapboard logos with either 200 or 400 designators –  on their labels. End users requiring VPG Profiles should choose media cards from this list.  This list will be updated in real-time as new products are introduced.

LEAKED! Lightweight Sigma 500mm f/5.6 E-mount lens will be announced on February 21

The image on top show the new 500mm f/5.6 Full Frame E-mount lens that will be announced on February 21. The additional info I got says:

  • lightweight lens
  • very fast AF on Sony A1
  • very low chromatic aberration
  • Coming for Sony E and Leica L mount cameras

I am working to get info about the price that surely will be MUCH lower of that of the expensive Sony 400mm GM (Click here) and Sony 600mm GM (Click here). And my guess it’s that will cost $1,500-$2000 less than the current Sigma 500mm f/4.0 for Canon/Nikon.

Hot rumors: New Sony A1 firmware update is coming soon and will have some new “Burano” features!

Finally I have some exciting rumors about the Sony A1 firmware update!

According to one source this is what we can expect:

  1. The firmware should be released in February. The previous official announcement said it would be available “from March or later”.
  2. The firmware will bring many new exciting features…much more than expected!
  3. One of the new features will be “XAVC H-I SQ 8k/30p” recording just like the $25,000 Burano CineAlta E-mount camera!
  4. Similar support to the monitor and control app.
  5. 8k ProresRAw via hdmi to latest Atomos devices

Other features that have been officially announced by Sony are:

  • Breathing Compensation
  • relay Playback
  • IPTC Workflow Enhancement
  • FTP Workflow Enhancement
  • C2PA format support

I am particularly happy to see the A1 will get then new XAVC H-I codec. If you care about high quality video this is big news. Me as a photographer I am very intrigued by the C2PA support which I hope will be coming for my Sony A7rV too.

Confirmed: Sony ZV-E10II is coming in Spring time!

Through trusted sources, I can now confirm with certainty that we will get the new ZV-E10II before the summer. I have not yet received an exact announcement date… but I suspect we’ll see the new camera sometime between February and April.

The sources haven’t revealed any details yet, so we can only speculate on the specs. My best guess:

Curiosity: The current ZV-E10 is still the best selling mirrorless camera at Amazon US.

To recap: We should get a new E-mount cine camera first, followed by the new ZV-E10II vlogger camera. But just like last year, we expect more interesting Alpha bodies to be announced after the ZV announcement. See this screenshot of the 2023 announcement from Dpreview:

I don’t have anything solid yet about those Alpha bodies but my guess is that the A7sIV is coming next…some times after the ZV-E10II announcement.