Sony preparing a April 1st JOKE??? Images of a new Sony A7LV camera for left-handers :)

At the moment I believe those “leaked” images may be showing a JOKE being prepared by Sony for April 1st!
They do NOT come from my trusted sources but from a new source. The images he shared were actually from a “alleged” Sony presentation and show much more than I am posting here. For privacy reasons I did crop the images and upsize the resolution with Topaz AI, to show the camera only.

So please again, don’t count me accountable for this leak. At the moment I believe this might be a real leak…of an April fools day preparation from Sony :)

The new Sony A7LV:
With that warning in mind let’s move on to the images: They do show the new A7LV which is basically the A7rV made for left-handers. Now, IF THIS is real this would be the first ever digital camera made for left-handers.

But my bet is that this is a Sony Aprils fools day joke!

CONFIRMED: New Sony ZV-E1 will be announced on March 29. Here are the specs!

The new ZV-E1 should have a similar body size of the A7c pictured above

I can finally confirm that on March 29 we will get the new Sony ZV-E1. This will be Sony’s first Full Frame E-mount Blogger focused camera. Here are the specs I think are 99,999% correct :)

  • New ZV-E1 E-mount camera is based on the Sony As7III
  • Similar body of the Sony A7c (but it’s not an A7c replacement!)
  • Same A7sIII 12 Megapixel sensor
  • 4k60 & 4k 120 (no crop)
  • no pixel binning
  • 409k ISO
  • Same Sony A7IV autofocus (although another source said it has Sony A7rV autofocus system…so there might be an misunderstanding here).
  • Cheaper than the A7sIII (now over 3000 dollars/Euro)

UPDATE: I corrected a single info! Looks like the camera name is ZV-E1 and not ZV-E as initially stated (have to correct my info in the video below)

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RUMOR: Sony will announce a new High End APS-C E-mount camera before Summer!

Image on top from Dpreview

The last real “photocentric” APS-C E-mount cameras were announced back in 2019. They were the A6100 and A6600. We got two more APS-C cameras after them but they were made for Bloggers (ZV-E10) and the Filmmakers (FX30).

Now a trusted source told me there is definitely a new APS-C E-mount camera coming right before or max early Summer! He said this would be a new High End model! That’s all I got as RELIABLE info for now. I don’t know yet if this will be a new A6700 (Similar A6600 sized body with maybe the 26Mp FX30 sensor) or a A7000 (bigger A7 styled body with Sony A1 alike features).

In y video below I discuss what I think about the A6700 vs the A7000:

So now it’s time for you to let us know:

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There will be plenty of rumors and also possibly image leaks. So be sure to follow my new Youtube channel, Discord channel, Instagram (with funny AI images to annoy people), Facebook and Twitter to not miss news and rumors.

First wild Sony A7sIV rumors: It will have the highest dynamic range on any alpha camera?

Note: This is a WILD rumor about the A7sIV that I got from a new source. Trusted sources have NOT told me yet if the A7sIV will be coming in 2023. So for the sake of clickbait, sorry “rationale discussion” let me know if you would be happy if that rumor would turn out to be true:

  • A7sIV will be announced in Q3/Q4 2023
  • 6k sensor that offers raw video and oversampled 4k video with no crops
  • The highest dynamic range ever on any alpha camera

If the rumor is correct (big if!) the surprise here is that the A7sIV would not record 8K. Of course, being this aimed at professionals we have to admit that 8K isn’t yet mainstream anyway. So it might be a wise choice from Sony to focus on delivering the best 4k quality possible.

Sigma at CP+ 2023: “we want to launch more unique lenses”

Photorend talked to Sigma manager Yamaki and here are some takeaways:

  • Just like Sony, Sigma wants to develop Multi-group AF which helps increase focusing speed as well as image quality.
  • Full Frame lens demand is strong, APS-C lens demand is in decline and MFT lens demand in sharp decline.

And here now to the very interesting part:

We intend to release more innovative and one-of-a-kind lenses. We have in our portfolio all the “basic” optics; also, we will be able to advance towards different objectives. They will be remarkable for their focal length, their aperture value, their size, or even for their ability to meet specific needs. Because the demands of photographers are diversifying. In the past, people were content with a 24-70mm lens and a 70-200mm telephoto lens. And eventually, they acquired a 16-35 mm or a 12-24 mm. Today’s photographers also like to use very bright primes, long-range telephoto lenses, or ultra-wide-angle lenses. These are the types of lenses we want to launch for today’s photographers.

it really sounds like Sigma want to make primes with f/1.2 or faster, and I hope they will consider making fast f/2.0 zooms too!

Sony will announce a new ZV Full Frame E-mount camera by end of March!


Back in January I got word that Sony would announce a Vlogger focused ZV FF camera. I really assumed this was a fixed lens model but I was wrong! Trusted sources now confirmed this is an E-mount camera.  More reliable info: It will definitely be announced in late March and the price will be below $3,000!

I hope to get some VERIFIED specs soon!


As of now I can only share this UNVERIFIED specs from a two new sources. So it might be wrong. But for the sake of discussion let me know what you would think about this:

So this seems to be something like a baby A7sIII for Vloggers. What do you think about this? Personally I don’t care much about it but apparently the vlogger market is booming and Sony has to fill the niche!

More RUMORS to come:

In this video I share some more tidbits and a hin about another rumor I will post tomorrow: