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by joseramosphotography⁠
Sony a7R Venus Laowa 15mm f2.0 Exposure: 30 seconds Aperture: f2.0 ISO: 2000 Manual focus FLM tripod and ballhead Edited in BenQ Monitor⁠

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Matti Haapoja compares the Sony A7sIII with the Canon EOS-R5 and clearly prefers the Sony. Dpreview says you can’t depend on the Canon cameras when shooting video


Sony A7sIII preorder at Adorama. BHphoto. Amazon. FocusCamera. Fotokoch. Calumet DE. WexUK. Park UK.

Matti Haapoja compares the Sony A7sIII with the Canon EOS-R5 and clearly prefers the Sony:

Dpreview also completed the Canon EOS-R5-R6 overheating test and concluded:

Our testing suggests that the cameras perform in exactly the way that Canon said they would. However, there is an important caveat that Canon’s figures don’t address: although the cameras can repeatedly deliver the amount of video promised, they may not always do so in real-world usage.

Even set to the mode designed to limit pre-recording temperature build-up, the clock is essentially running from the moment you turn the camera on. Video recording is the most processor-intensive (and hence most heat generating) thing you can do, but any use of the camera will start to warm it up, and start chipping away at your recording times. Consequently, any time spent setting up a shot, setting white balance, setting focus or waiting for your talent to get ready (or shooting still images) will all cut into your available recording time, and you won’t reliably get the full amount Canon advises.

Not only does this make R5 a poor fit for many professional video shoots, it also means that you can’t depend on the cameras when shooting video alongside stills at, say, a wedding, which is a situation that the EOS R5 clearly is intended for.

Sony A7sIII Preorders:
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New Sony A7sIII accessories:
You will also have to preorder the world’s first CFexpress Type A cards at Adorama, BHphoto. Amazon.
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Sigma vs Sony GM review: Sigma indeed matches the Sony GM performance!


Sigma 85mm f/1.4 FE preorder at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.

The German Youtube channel Krolop&Gerst made a 45min long comparison between the best 85mm FE lenses. The Sigma holds up very well against the Sony GM:

  • Sigma is sharper in the center
  • Sony GM has better sharpness in the corner
  • Sigma has a lot less CA
  • Similar Bokeh performance
  • very similar AF performance although the Sony seems to have a slight advantage on eye-af

Just switch on the auto translated subtitles if you don’t understand German:

Sigma 85mm f/1.4 FE preorder at BHphoto, Adorama, FocusCamera.


Gerald Undone: EOS-R5/6 have two stops less dynamic range than the Sony A7sIII. And he couldn’t bring the A7sIII to overheat


Gerald Undone is now becoming my personal review guru :)

He published the full Canon EOS-R5 and EOS-R6 review. Let’s start from the good part. They are near perfect cameras for photographers. But many do keep comparing those cameras with the new Sony A7sIII and if you want ot have a reliable video recording tool than the Canon cameras are quiet problematic:

  1. Canon still lags behind the Sony sensor tech. The EOS-R5/6 have two stops less dynamic range than the Sony A7sIII
  2. Overheating is bad but the real issue is the recovery time which cannot be shortened with any tricks (vent and ice cooling). On the other hand his Sony A7sIII never overheated
  3. What I didn’t expect: IBIS has some pretty bad wobbling.