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December 22, 2017
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(SR5 updated) Venus Optics will launch a new super compact 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens in early next year

Venus Optics will soon announce this new 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens. And Fuji X and Canon EOS-M versions will be released too. These are te very first image samples shot on this lens:


August 20, 2016
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Tamron announces the launch of the SP 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 USD A-mount lens!


Tamron announced the new 90mm f/2.8 SP Sony A-mount lens. You can preorder it for $649 at BHphoto (Click here). This is the full press text:

Product Highlights

    • Built upon the outstanding optical performance of the legendary Tamron 90mm Macro
  • Inheriting the optical design of the previous 90mm Macro lens (Model F004), the new Model F017 delivers the same excellent resolving power and remarkably soft background blur effects (bokeh). The advanced construction includes one LD (Low Dispersion) glass element that maximally limits the dispersion properties of light and two XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) glass elements that correct dispersion properties to an even greater extent. The special elements optimally compensate for on-axis and lateral chromatic aberrations from macro shooting range to infinity. Furthermore, the design ensures the best imaging performance at any range by adopting the Floating System which shifts the location of a group of elements to the best possible position as the focusing group travels relative to shooting distances. From 1:1, life-size close-ups to the most distant horizon, this new 90mm Macro lens achieves outstanding image quality.
    • Optimized for spectacular background blur effects (bokeh)
  • Earlier models of Tamron’s 90mm macro lens received high acclaim for their spectacular blur effects, and the new 90mm macro builds upon this legacy. To continue this commitment, thorough optical simulations were conducted. Careful examinations were performed to minimize any blurring with a doubled image appearing for a single line because that phenomenon has a considerably negative impact on background image quality. As a result, the lens achieves both sharp, vivid images and spectacular background blur effects. This combination is highly prized by portrait photographers.
    • Moisture-Proof and Dust-Resistant Construction
  • Areas of possible ingress surrounding switches and the boundary between the focus ring and the lens barrel are protected by special seals. These provide stronger protection against the intrusion of dirt, dust and moisture compared to the Moisture-Resistant Construction used previously. This additional protection assures even more wide-ranging opportunities for using this lens.
    • A durable Fluorine Coating on the front element repels water and fingerprints
  • The water and oil repellant coating applied to the front element surface allows instant removal of dirt or smudges with ease. The coating also provides a reasonable level of durability, and will sustain its effectiveness for years. The Fluorine Coating technology that Tamron developed for use in industrial optics applications was first used on the SP 15-30mm which was introduced in 2014.
    • USD actuator maximized for macro photography is fast, accurate and quiet
  • The control software program for the USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) actuator has been revised to provide substantially improved focusing speed and accuracy when using AF. The USD quickly addresses any out-of-focus condition caused by back-and-forth camera movement (which commonly occurs during macro photography) ensuring better results when shooting at close range.
    • Advanced coating technology reduces flare and ghosting
  • Two advanced coating technologies, both providing outstanding anti-reflection performance, are applied to critical element surfaces for maximum light transmission. eBAND (Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency) Coating boasts outstanding anti-reflection performance across nearly the entire range of visible rays, and BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) Coating utilizes traditional multi-layered, anti-reflection technology. This combination virtually eliminates extraneous reflections and substantially reduces ghosting and flare which enables the lens to achieve flawless, crystal clear images.
    • Use of circular aperture to achieve beautiful, rounded blur effects (bokeh)
  • When shooting a scene that includes a point-source of light in the subject background, marvelously tuned blur (bokeh) can be obtained without generating undesirable polygonal shapes of aperture patterns thanks to the circular aperture. The 9-blade diaphragm retains a nearly perfect circular opening even when stopped down by two stops.
    • Focusing options perfectly suited to a macro lens
  • The new 90mm macro has a focus limiter that makes it possible to shorten the time for accurately focusing on a subject when the working range is known. The lens also features an Internal Focusing system, so the overall length of the lens never changes, not even when focusing. As a result, the user is assured of a comfortable working distance of at least 139mm (5.5 in) from the front of the lens. In addition, the lens is equipped with a Full-time Manual Focus override mechanism which makes it possible to flexibly choose focal points. Even with the AF driving system in action, it is possible to instantaneously override it to make manual fine focusing adjustments without switching the AF-MF mode back and forth.
    • Compatibility with TAMRON TAP-in Console™
  • Always as new as tomorrow: You can update firmware, customize autofocus positions and adjust the mechanical setup and preferences of the 90mm lens by simply attaching it to the TAMRON TAP-in Console and connecting it via USB to a personal computer. (The TAP-in Console is an optional accessory.)

Tamron and the history of its macro lenses

The history of Tamron’s macro lenses began with the SP AF90mm F/2.5 (Model 52B) in 1979. The general impression of a macro lens in those days was that it was mainly useful for academic purposes—such as reproducing documentary records and scientific minutiae—and not suitable for photographing ordinary subjects. Against this backdrop, Tamron’s first-generation 90mm macro lens succeeded in creating new value for the modern macro lens that has both refined image quality worthy of recording photographic scenes and remarkably beautiful background blur effects (bokeh). As a result, the lens was highly valued by professional and amateur photographers alike as a lens with wide-ranging uses. It created new categories of applications that previously had been unimaginable because of the common uses of macro lenses at the time. The lens became popular among nature photographers to shoot close-ups of flowers. Furthermore, using Tamron’s 90mm macro lens for portrait photography gained particular popularity, with the expression “portrait macro lens” coming to be widely recognized over time. With the model renewal in this latest generation achieving further performance improvements, SP 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 USD (Model F017) is opening a new chapter in the history of Tamron’s 90mm macro lenses.

Design Concept

Beginning with the SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F012) and SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (Model F013), Tamron has utilized a new design concept to enhance the outstanding performance provided by the SP Series. Our attention to every engineering detail has resulted in the most advanced optical and electro-mechanical designs being incorporated in SP Series, creating a new benchmark for high performance and visual elegance. The design philosophy embraces the importance of comfortable, ergonomic operation and positive tactile feedback, crucial factors in all types of photography. The newly designed all-metallic barrel features an embedded concave ring at the base of the lens—for a firm hold and comfort necessary for a steady shot. Switches are larger and reconfigured for smoother function and the typeface has been redesigned for intuitive legibility. The Tamron SP Series is the superlative example of the Lensmaker’s art.


Model F017
Focal Length 90mm
Maximum Aperture F/2.8
Angle of View (diagonal) 27°2′ (for full-frame format)
17°37′ (for APS-C format)
Optical Construction 14 elements in 11 groups
Minimum Object Distance 0.3m (11.8 in)
Maximum Magnification Ratio 1:1
Filter Size Φ62mm
Maximum Diameter Φ79mm
Length* for Sony 116.6mm (4.6 in)
Weight for Sony 585g (20.6 oz)
Aperture Blades 9 (circular diaphragm)
Minimum Aperture F/32
Standard Accessories Lens hood, Lens caps
  • Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc. are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Sony mount version does not include VC since Sony digital SLR bodies incorporate built-in image stabilization functionality.
  • * Length is the distance from the front tip of the lens to the lens mount face.
February 19, 2016
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(SR5) First image of the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 native(!!!) E-mount APS-C lens!


This morning we leaked the MC-11 FF E-mount electronic adapter (article here). Now we got the first image of the new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DN E-mount lens that will be announced on February 23!Specs via Digicameinfo:

– Nine lenses in 7 groups (Double-sided aspherical lens with high refractive index and high dispersion glass)
– Aperture blades: 9 sheets (circular aperture)
– Filter Size: 52mm
– AF motor: stepping motor
– Shortest photographing distance: 30cm
– Maximum shooting parking rate: 1: 7
– Inner focus
– Total length: 73.3mm
– Maximum diameter: 64.8mm
– Weight: 265g
– Mount Sony E mount, Micro Four Thirds mount
– Release Date: March 18, 2016
– Suggested retail price of 51,840 yen (tax included). This is around 420 Euro or $460.

This is by far the most exciting lens of the DN line. This currently has three native E-mount lenses: 19mm f/2.8 E-mount (Click here), 30mm f/2.8 E-mount (Click here) and 60mm f/2.8 E-mount (Click here).

Will you buy the new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DN lens?

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Stay tuned on Sonyalpharumors! We will report about the Sigma announcement on Tuesday Feb 23 at 5-6am London time.

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March 11, 2015
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(SR3) Sigma to announce a new 24mm f/2.8 E-mount lens in October?


(SR3) Sigma rumors got info about a possible Sigma 24mm f/2.8 DN Art APS-C E-mount Lens that could be released in September. This would become the fourth APS-C E-mount lens in their lineup after the 19mm (here), 30mm (here) and 60mm (here) E-mount lenses.

One more Sigma rumor:

(SR1) Sigma Rumors and I also got a weird info from another source about a 23mm FE Sigma lens (unlike the 24mm ART APSC E-mount lens rumored above). We both think this rumors is very likely fake. Anyway, here it is:

“I do have confirmation that FE support from Sigma is actually further along than the DPreview interview with the Sigma CEO would suggest. Sigma developed and will be releasing a FE 23mm f2.8 lens to market either September or October 2015.  This focal length was strategically chosen to complement the new FE 28/2 Sony has released.  It will have 10 elements in 8 groups, and 9 rounded diaphram blades.”

But I am 99% sure this one is fake.

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January 15, 2018
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What to expect at Cp+ (A5xxx and Sigma ART FE ?)

The next major photoshow is the CP+ show which starts on March 1. All manufacturers will announce new cameras/lenses and I expect the same to happen from Sony. First let’s start from two facts:

1) Sony registered a new camera code which usually means there will be a new camera launch within 3-4 months.
2) Sony discontinued the A5000.

So what can we hope to get? Here is a list of rumored (but mostly unconfirmed) stuff:

  • We know both the A7III and A7sIII will be announced this year. But the A7sIII will more likely be announced at the NAB show in April. So I guess the A7III is a good candidate for a possible Cp+ announcement.
  • Also hot rumored is a new A5xxx APS-C E-mount camera model.
  • RX models are usually introduced in May-June. If Sony sticks to that “tradition” we will not see any new RX camera at CP+
  • On the lens front we have a possible launch of a new Sony 135mm FE and 200-600mm FE.
  • What’s very hot is that we might see Sigma’s first native FE lenses! This one will be big!
  • Venusoptics will launch the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens
  • The Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 FE is coming too

February promises to be an exciting month…

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January 4, 2018
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The lenses we know are coming in 2018 and the lenses we might see coming

According to BHphoto the new Sony 400mm lens will ship in September 2018

In 2018 we will get a ton of new lenses! Here is the full roundup of what we will get and what we can hope to get:

These are the lenses we are 100% sure will be released in 2018:
Sony 400mm f/2.8 FE GM OSS
Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 FE
Laowa 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens

These are some of the rumored lenses that could be announced in 2018:
Sony 135mm f/1.8 FE (80% chance to see this)
Sony 20mm f/2.8 (50% chance to see this)
18-55mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount (50% chance to see this)
Sony 200-600mm FE (30% chance to see this)
Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART FE (80% chance to see this)
More Sigma ART primes. Could be one or two of those: 14mm, 21mm, 50mm, 135mm (80% chance to see this)
Tokina Super Wide AF FE (90% chance to see this)
Tokina Fast Wide AF FE (90% chance to see this)
Tokina standard zoom AF FE (90% chance to see this but could be for early 2019)
Batis Zeiss FE prime lens (between 35 and 50mm)
Samyang AF lenses (unclear what focal length but there seems to be a 100/135mm prime and a zoom on their roadmap)

November 7, 2017
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Sigma 16mm f/1.4 E-mount lens preorders will start on November 9

According to Nokishita the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 pricing unveileing and preorders start will happen on November 9.

Sigma APS-C E-mount lenses:
16mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.
19mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.
30mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.
30mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.
60mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon ES.

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