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About the website:
Our goal is to provide you with Sony news, rumors and reviews about the whole digital camera world (Alpha mount cameras and Sony NEX cameras). Sometimes we also talk about compact cameras, camcorders and other products that might will be related with the development of future Sony system cameras. We are a rumors website, we have contacts with “secret” sources that are providing us with news about future Sony products. But be warned, you always have to take those “rumors” with a grain of salt!

The only rule you have to respect is….respect :)

About me:
My name is Andrea and it is 10 years that I work as documentarist and photographer. I created this website because I like Sony cameras and I like to receive exciting rumors ;)
I use my free time to work on SonyAlphaRumors and every support I can receive from you helps! You can help me by sending news, rumors and links!
Feel free to contact me whenever you want at

Thanks for visiting us!

The SonyAlphaRumors team

Details about the SonyAlphaRumors owners:
The website is owned and managed by Amonsul VOF company located in Belgium.

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