Editor’s note: Dpreview now does publish rumors? Without to mention the source?


Let me say first that I really like DPreview for their reviews and useful forum. But I have been a bit surprised to see our Czech manual leak rumor on their website. As long as I know they were always against the publishing of rumors or leaks.

Just a note, I spent a couple of hours and many of our readers made a nice job trying to find the links to the Czech manual and the login data. I think they could have posted a link to our articles (as other websites did). Hey, I also did many mistakes in the past and I know it’s sometimes very difficult to link back to the right source. But I take the chance to remind you that it would be nice if you post a link back to us when you take the info we posted here first on SAR. It helps us to keep the website growing and to get even more rumors and news.

Thanks! And greetings to the Dpreview team ;)