SLT-A35 specs analysis


So what are the difference between the A33 and A35? Our reader Romansta made this nice spec comparison (Thanks!)

First, the A35 has a longer battery life compared to the A33
A35: 420 pictures with flash | 460 pictures without
A33: 270 pictures with flash | 290 pictures without

It has also a longer burst rate (in Jpg):
A35: Maximum Burst Rate (Modus AE): 21 (Fine) / 29 (Standard) pict.
A33: Maximum Burst Rate (Modus AE): 14 (Fine) / 16 (Standard) pict.

It’s slower in RAW:
A35: 6 pictures
A33: 7 pictures

But the A35 has a reduction of overheating and you can record longer videos:
A35: Continuous movie recording mode – Temperature
20°C Steadyshot ON: 29 minutes | OFF: 29 minutes
30°C Steadyshot ON: 14 minutes | OFF: 29 minutes
40°C Steadyshot ON: 10 minutes | OFF: 29 minutes
A33: 20°C Steadyshot ON: 11 minutes | OFF: 29 minutes

A35: New Menu Option: Selection of the first screen of the menu, the main menu or the last menu. (page 56)

If you find some more differences drop me text! Thanks!