Good news! New A77 firmware coming soon (From Asia: coming tomorrow???)


C. Garrarad had a small talk with Sony and wrote on Alphamountworld: “it is confirmed that they are working on a new firmware update for the new cameras announced with the 24mp sensor. We didn’t get into specifics but there will DEFINITELY be a new firmware version for them to address issues.“.

And if we are really “lucky” than the new firmware (version 1.03) should be out…TOMORROW! This according to a source of mobile01.

The new firmware will hopefully fix all issues we talked about in these days. As you know the problems was that the 1.02 firmware wasn’t updated for the new BIONZ processor which is used for the production camera. The pre production camera had a slightly different processor.

UPDATE: Camera RAW and Lightroom 6.5 now support the A77!!! More at

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