Is the NEX-7 image quality better than the quality of the A77?


Imaging Resource (Click here) posted a full set of Sony NEX-7 studio samples. The cool thing is that finally you can compare the NEX-7 and A77 image quality:

An example: At 16000 ISO the NEX-7 image (Click here) looks sharper than the A77 (Click here). UPDATE: Both cameras used the same Sigma 70mm F2.8 macro lens!

And even at low 100 ISO the NEX-7 image (Click here) is a tack sharper than the A77 image (Click here).

I don’t know yet if the differences we see are here because of the absence of the semi transparent mirror on the NEX-7. One thing is sure, the NEX-7 really looks like an amazing perfomer for me!

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After checking the Studio samples you think:

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