New A99/NEX-6 and NEX lens image samples at ePhotozine.

Sony Alpha 99 – First Look Review from Charles Michel on Vimeo.

Finally I had the chance to sleep without having to work on leaks and rumors and whatever. Feeling like a young boy again! Now it’s time to catch up with some news about the Sony stuff announced yesterday. On top you see a hands-on video from videoacademy. Veyr inetretsing is the work done by ePhotozine. They are the first to post image samples of the NEX-6 and NEX lenses (not even dpreview managed to post any smaple…LOL). Here are the links you have to check out:
A99 ISO test
NEX-6 ISO test
Sony 35mm 1.8 lens samples
Sony 10-18mm samples
Sony 300mm lens preview


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