September 6, 2012
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Fuji X-E1 has Sony viewfinder. Zeiss for NEX back in Stock in USA.


USA readers are struggling to find the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 for NEX in Stock. The good news is that today fourteen lenses are in Stock for the normal price via Samys at Amazon (Click here).

The other news is that Fuji announced the X-E1 which features the Sony 2,36k dot OLED viewfinder (Click here to see the X-E1 at Amazon). While Dpreview wrote that this is “likely the same NEX-7 viewfinder” this may not be truth. The NEX-7 viewfinder has a contrast ratio of 3500:1 (Source: Digitalrev) while the Fuji X-E1 viewfinder has a higher contrast ratio of 5000:1 (Source: Cnet). This would mean that the X-E1 uses the same viewfinder of the upcoming NEX-6 and A99 cameras!
Anyway, to learn mroe about the Fuji viewfinder check FujiRumors where you can get a full roundup. We will have to wait six days only to have our own showdown!

September 6, 2012
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Zeiss will do more fast prime lenses for the NEX system?

There is an interesting although a bit “vague” news posted by Zeiss today (Click here): “Another highlight will be the presentation of a design study, with which Carl Zeiss will offer a sneak preview of a new family of autofocus lenses for mirrorless system cameras (CSC) that will most likely be available in mid-2013. Due to their performance and high speed, these new lenses will be ideal for deliberate photo composition, making them perfect for more sophisticated photographers as well. Carl Zeiss plans to initially offer fixed focal lengths in the wide angle and standard range as well as a macro.

They do not specify for which system! It’s my guess that these new Zeiss lenses will work like that two 19mm and 30mm Sigma lenses. They will have a “universal” design and a change in the mount only in order to fit on all different mirrorless system cameras. If it’s trues than this is good news! We need more high quality lenses like the Zeiss 24mm that is right now finally available in US (Click here at Amazon).

You have any lens on your wishlist that Zeiss should absolutely make?

Take some inspiration from the superb Zeiss ZM list:
Distagon T* 2,8/15 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
Distagon T* 4/18 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
Biogon T* 2,8/21 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
Biogon T* 2,8/25 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
Biogon T* 2,8/28 ZM  (Click here to see price on eBay).
Biogon T* 2/35 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
C Biogon T* 2,8/35 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
C Sonnar T* 1,5/50 ZM  (Click here to see price on eBay).
Planar T* 2/50 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).
Sonnar T* 2/85 ZM  (Click here to see price on eBay).
Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM (Click here to see price on eBay).


September 5, 2012
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Next image leak. Here is the NEX-VG30!

An anonymous source just sent us the links to those pictures form the upcoming NEX-VG30 (Thanks!). The camera looks pretty much close to the current NEX-VG20. The specs:  16MP Exmor APS-C sensor, BIONZ processor, 1080×1920 video recording at 24p/60p, 3″ LCD, XGA OLED EVF, available in November from $1,800.

P.S.: May the source can send us some A99 and NEX lens images too? :)

September 5, 2012
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Picture of a modified Sony RX100 ;)

You got a shock? Don’t worry this is a fake picture and NOT real! A designer from SLRclub created it because he is missing the hot shoe on his Sony RX100. And he added a Silver strip that I personally really like a lot! It makes it look more…elegant. We may should open a contest and let our SAR readers “imagine” how Sony camera should look alike. But first let’s see the real new stuff that is coming soon!

The RX100 rules on Position four of the overall Amazon US camera ranking (Click here)like no other Sony camera we have seen before. RX100 price search links:,

RX100 accessory roundup:
I made a short list of accessories in case you need them. Click on the item name (All links to eBay):
Cases: Official Sony LCJ-RXA case, Gariz case, more leather case.
Batteries: NP-BX1 Battery.
Special stuff: Multi-Coated LENS ARMOR UV. Magfilter at Amazon (Click here). RX100 filter adapter on eBay (Click here)


September 5, 2012
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Sony-Fuji alliance on the viewfinder front (a 1:5000 contrast ratio for the OLED viewfinder)

As you know both the A99 and the NEX-6 will feature a new OLED 2,36k dot viewfinder. Photorumors (found via Fujirumors) reports that Fuji is going to announce a new X-E1 camera tomorrow that will feature exactly the same A99 and NEX-6 viewfinder! The viewfinder has an amazing 1:5000 contrast ratio. Sony is not only sharing their sensor technology to Nikon (speak the D800 for example) to Pentax (upcoming K-3) but also the viewfinder technology. Another step into the complete Sony world domination? :)

Anyway, this means that we have to follow tomorrows Fuji announcement to get an idea of the quality of the viewfinder. The X-E1 will cost almost exactly like the NEX-6 (a bit less than $1000).

Meantime the NEX-7 body price at Amazon remains $1199 (Click here) but it’s is getting lower on eBay. $1099 at Arphoto or $1.119,71 at Bigvalue


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