April 7, 2013
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Surprise: Sony shows the new Full Frame with built-in vertical grip!


During the Sony presentation in LAS Vegas Sony underlined their commitment in the digital camera industry by showing shortly some prototype lenses and cameras. The screenshot I posted here on top looks to be a Full frame camera with built-in vertical grip. As SAR reader “Tonis” suggested the mount could be a sort of universal mount like the one used by the Sony F55. Just look at the mount the Zeiss 24-70mm A mount lens has an adapter which is likely an A to E-mount or FZ or PL mount adapter! That camera seems to be scheduled for a 2014 release. With new sensor tech (and likely 4k video recording).

Help from NAB show visitors: If some of you is in Las Vegas, can you send us please some pics of the prototype camera and lenses? Thanks a lot!

P.S.: I am happy Sony finally showed us that new Full Frame prototype. I may will help to shut down the voice of the few pessimistic people spamming on SAR comment system ;)

April 7, 2013
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(UPDATED) Live: Sony press conference video!

Watch live streaming video from sonynab2013 at livestream.com

UPDATE_3: Now we got it. After years of “3D hype” marketing we now have the “4K hype”.
UPDATE_2: Sony announced new 4K LED TV’s, 4K OLED TV’s, 4K Media service and the Anycast portable studio.
UPDATE_1: As you see all the talk is about 4K Camcorders and the future of 4K.

April 6, 2013
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New Sony RX1 Iceland video by Enrique Pacheco.

RX1CELAND from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

SAR reader Enrique Pacheco shot this wonderful Iceland video with the Sony RX1. You can visit his blog too to read more about it (Click here).

More RX1 news:
ReallyRightStuff just released base plates for the Sony RX1.  http://reallyrightstuff.com/Items.aspx?code=BodySonyRX1&key=cat
OnemoreLens:I’ve decided to try to write a series of articles with my observations on various aspects of the RX1 & it’s image quality: Dymanic range, sharpness, lens character, etc. Here’s a link to the first short article: http://www.onemorelens.com/2013/04/sony-rx1-dynamic-range.html. I think your readers will enjoy it!

UPDATE: A making of report of the Iceland video has been posted at DSLRmagazine (google translation here).

RX1 links roundup:
RX1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.
RX1 Gariz accessories:
1) They made a new half leather case in Black and Brown (Click here to see them on eBay).
2) The new lens cap (Click here to see them on eBay).
3) The new entry is the anti loose button(!) (Click here to see them on eBay). Don’t know if that will be really useful for you RX1 owners. Someone has it and call it how it works? Thanks!
4) And this is the really first time I see that. A special Leather skin hood! (Click here to see them on eBay).

April 6, 2013
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Sony sues RED!

Back in February RED sued Sony because of patent infringment reasons. And RED said that it want the Sony’s F65, F55 and F5 cameras to stop their further sale and have them literally “destroyed“!

Yesterday Sony (news on pro.Sony.com) officially announced that it will sue RED: “for infringing 7 of Sony’s patents in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Sony believes that the Red ONE, EPIC and SCARLET cameras, various digital still and motion camera modules, and various accessories such as the REDMOTE infringe our patents. Sony is seeking both money damages and an injunction to stop the continued sale of Red’s infringing products. Sony makes significant investments into the research & development of technology related to the cinema camera industry and intends to protect those investments against companies that infringe our patents.

Yep, RED shouldn’t have started this. If Sony wins this may signs the end of the RED business.

P.S: Despite everything Sony is now shipping the F55 (here at BH) and the F5 (here at BH).

April 6, 2013
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Reminder: Sony announcement on Sunday!

Watch live streaming video from sonynab2013 at livestream.com

Don’t forget guys that on Sunday April 7th at 2:30pm Las Vegas local time (PST) Sony will have a live streaming of their press conference. I will embedd the stream on SonyAlphaRumors so that you can comment live what’s going on.

As I told you before I am 95% sure there will be camcorder stuff only. But it may be that hasselbald and Zeiss will be invited to show their new products. Respectively the Lunar and the three primes.

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