May 23, 2013
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New Sony RX1 accessory How To videos by Sony. And competition coming from Leica?


Sony posted a sort of How To for the RX1. These are the shortest How To clips ever made :)  Here they are: (scroll down to see the list).

What’s much more interesting than the videos is the rumor about a new Leica Mini M release on June 11. This could be the first real Sony RX1 competitor. A new Leica fixed lens FF camera? I don’t know it, but I bet it will be too expensive…

RX1 links roundup:
RX1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.
RX1 Gariz accessories:
1) They made a new half leather case in Black and Brown (Click here to see them on eBay).
2) The new lens cap (Click here to see them on eBay).
3) The new entry is the anti loose button(!) (Click here to see them on eBay). Don’t know if that will be really useful for you RX1 owners. Someone has it and call it how it works? Thanks!
4) And this is the really first time I see that. A special Leather skin hood! (Click here to see them on eBay).


May 23, 2013
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Sony mirrorless startegy: enhance image quality, reduce size and weight and more higher-powered zoom.


Sony officially released a press text (Click here) describing the Key Strategies for the future. There is a section concerning the Imaging Division. In short they want:
1) to expand the image sensor business
2) focus on 4K-compatible cameras
3) expand sales in the mirrorless market by “introducing models that leverage Sony’s image sensor technologies to further enhance image quality“. Also size reduction and new higher-powered zooms are described as key tech for to the mirrorless success.

Note: A-mount will become mirrorless too. That’s why (I guess) they didn’t talk about the DSLR system cameras :)

Here is the full original Sony text regarding the Imaging Business:
Placing image sensors, a particularly strong category for Sony, at its core, Sony is concentrating the focus of its imaging businesses on creating value-added products, while aggressively exploring new applications for its imaging technologies in both the consumer and professional markets. In terms of image sensors, the Company will continue to commercialize new sensor technologies capable of differentiating finished products, for use in a range of consumer and professional applications. The Company also plans to engage in aggressive capital investment in order to meet the robust demand for these components. At the same time, Sony is also developing technologies that further expand the range of sensor applications, including sensors capable of sensing beyond the visible light spectrum, and sensors capable of detecting and categorizing different types of information. For the professional market, Sony will continue to reinforce its professional camera lineup centering on 4K-compatible cameras, as well as cameras for cinematography. The Company will also target further business growth by extending the scope of its digital imaging technologies to new business areas such as security, sports and medical, and will reallocate resources accordingly. In the consumer market, where business conditions continue to shift rapidly, Sony aims to expand sales of value-added compact digital still cameras by introducing models that leverage Sony’s image sensor technologies to further enhance image quality, and also incorporate feature enhancements such as reduced size and weight, and higher-powered zoom. Sony will also seek to firmly maintain its number one global market share in the growing mirrorless lens camera category. Through these measures, Sony will target sales of 1.3 trillion yen and an operating profit margin of more than 10% across the image sensor, professional, and consumer categories by FY14.”

May 22, 2013
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Video of the Hasselblad Lunar event in New York

Photorumors spotted that video of a Hasselblad presentation in New York. Ready to buy it? :)

May 22, 2013
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Zeiss Touit news and tests roundup (with first test on NEX-5n).

These new Zeiss Touit lenses look like a very great addition to the new E-mount lens range. SAR reader Rob had the pleasure to test these lenses on the Sony NEX-5n: “I just posted à long hands on review of the Carl zeiss touit 12mm on à Sony nex 5n. See
I also did Many shots with the Sony nex 7 and the Same lens in the Dutch Keukenhof . See our flickr account for that with Many high res touit samples taken With the 32mm on à fujifilm XE-1 and à Sony nex 7.

And there are plenty of new image samples and news to read: A new Zeiss Blog entry that talks about the lens design, 12mm Hands-on at Photographyblog and image samples at Photographyblog. 32mm Hands-on at Photographyblog and image samples at Photographyblog. Image samples also at Diglloyd. 12mm image samples at ThePhoBlographer.

Zeiss preorder links:
12mm f/2.8 at BHphoto, Adorama and Uniquephoto. In Europe at CameraCenter UK and FotoMundus.
32mm f/1.8 at BHphoto, Adorama and Uniquephoto. In Europe at CameraCenter UK and FotoMundus.

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