July 2, 2012
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Rumor roundup (NEX-9, A88 and A99, new Alpha Lenses)


It has been a busy week so I am going to make a sum of the latest rumors while I am preparing the launch of the new ones :)

1) No other SLT APS-C model in 2012:
Some speculated that there might be a room for an OVF APS-C model. Sorry to kill your dreams…there is no such a model!

2) Two FF SLT cameras coming within 12 months
I am 99% sure there will be a new SLT FF camera in late August/ September and another higher end model in 2013. I am not so sure about the name of the cameras, unreliable rumors for now say that one is the A88 and the other one the A99 (info not coming via my sources!).

3) New 55-300mm, new 300mm and new 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.2 Alpha lenses coming.
A Sony database leak confirmed that there will be a new 55-300mm and 300mm lens (now discontinued). Rumors floating around the web suggests two new 50mm primes will be launched.

4) A High end NEX?
This is really a wild rumor but some “voices” say that Sony is already working on an updated NEX-7 camera. Could be launched a while after the NEX-5F launch?

That’s it for now! Now let’s see what this week will bring to us!


July 1, 2012
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Sony TidBits (F3, RX100, NEX-7 and so on…)

NEX-F3 review by Digitalrev

Time for a short roundup! Here we are:

A nice 500mm lens borthday cake at ecpz. NEX-7 with Sigma 30mm lens at itmedia. If you speak korean or just like to watch graphs and images check out the RX100 review at SLRclub. Sony NEX-5n HDR in San Francisco by Kerry Garrison. FS700 field report at EosHD.

P.S:: I collected all the work you sent me the past weeks. Will make a post this week!

June 30, 2012
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SAL 300mm f/2.8 discontinued.

Sony Japan marked the SAL 300mm f/2.8 as “discontinued”. Don’t know if a successor will be announced soon. Not everyone needs a $7,000 lens (that is the price at Amazon).


Reminder: SLT cameras got an $50 discount:
Sony A77 body only (Click here).
Sony A77 with 16-50mm (Click here).
Sony A65 body only (Click here).
Sony A65 with 18-55mm (Click here).
Sony A57 body only (Click here).
Sony A57 with 18-55mm (Click here).

June 29, 2012
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Lot of High end NEX and NEX lens rumors work…

This is just a short message to thank all anonymous sources sending me info about the Sony stuff coming in late August/early September. It looks like a high end NEX is really coming and so many more NEX lenses. I have some questions for all anonymous sources:

1) When is the NEX-5F and 16-50mmG pancake zoom going to be announced?
2) How many NEX lenses are coming this year? A source said “a lot” but a number would be welcome :)
3) What’s the final name of the 24 megapixel FF SLT camera?
4) Can you confirm the rumored 50mm f/1.2 Zeiss and 70-200mm G lens release?

Thanks! :)


June 28, 2012
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Sony RX100 now the most sold camera at Amazon US.

I think this is the first time ever I see a Sony camera ruling the overall camera ranking at Amazon (Click here to check it out). The ranking includes all cameras, compact, mirrorless and DSLR!

RX100 Preorders at Amazon USAdoramaBHphoto, Amazon GermanyAmazon France and Jessops.

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