March 12, 2011
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Sony TidBits

The Sony NXcam

According to Engadget Kaz Hirai will very likely become the new CEO of Sony when Howard Stringer will step down in 2013.

Sony NEX DSLR via Leica Visoflex (Sonyalphanex).

Sony CLM-V55 tested at (Google english translation).

A700 vs A55 vs A77 size comparison (Dpreview forum)

Transparent Sony A77 Hands-On (Photographyblog).

A SAR reader sent me this with a final question you might can answer:
The Genoa Municipality Digital city project uses for its multimedia contents Sony gears only (see THE GENOA MUNICIPALITY CHANNEL on youtube, and the webmagazine about the city VIVERE GENOVA, We have two NEX 5 to be used both as photocameras and as videocameras for full HD videos by our young publiscers who learn to become really multimedia journalist, we have two NEX VG10 to be used for more complex videos by our videomakers as the SONY X1R reserved for high quality video productions. The idea of using NEX products allow us to have interchargable lens and accessories as well as to use light but powerfull video instruments with cinematografic capabilities.
Question: We are looking for a solution to allow us to use professional microphones with the NEX 5. is someone able to help us in finding a soloution that “works”? The standard built in microphone represents a limit in the professional use of the NEX as videocamera

March 11, 2011
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Sony Cybershot cameras with 3G support? Do you want that feature for NEX and Alpha too?

Pictured: The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V which is in Stock at Amazon (Click here). You will get a $30 Gift Card.

According to gdgt‘s sources SOny is working on a new CyberShot digital camera with integrated 3G. Sony will also allow a free limited data bandwidth with the purchase of the camera. You will be able to upload a “a couple of dozen photos per month”. Beyond that limit you have to pay an extra fee. You will not be able to make any call…it’s not a Sony Ericsson!
I guess this is a must-have future for most compact cameras. But what about Alpha and NEX cameras?

Do you want 3G on your NEX or Alpha camera?

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Links: Current Cybershot cameras on Amazon (Click here).

March 11, 2011
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Ownuser made a battery grip for the Sony tranlsucent and NEX cameras

The taiwanese company Ownuser (Click here) made a new battery grip for the A33/A55 and the Sony NEX-5 cameras. The grip does offer:
External Shutter release input
External AC power input
Camera shutter release output
tripod mount
use of two Lithium batteries and AA Battery (6A/8A)
IR output (!)

It sound slike a very powerful tool! The IR control looks like an amazing feature! I couldn’t find any price indication. Those are the links you should check:
The battery grip for the A33/A55:
The battery grip for the Sony NEX:
You can find battery grips from Ownuser on eBay (Click here). They already are offering battery grips for other Sony cameras.

March 11, 2011
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Sony halted and evacuated six factories in northeastern Japan

I am really shocked by what is happening in Japan. I wish things are less worse than the images on TV are showing us. All Japanese readers do have my solidarity.

A Sony related news (via Bloomberg):
Sony halted and evacuated six factories in northeastern Japan, said Yasuhiro Okada, a spokesman at the Tokyo-based company. He said the company was assessing the impact of power outages and damage to its facilities in the region, which make Blu-ray discs, magnetic heads and batteries.

March 10, 2011
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(S3) New messages from Sony A77 testers…

Image on top: Sony A77 and A700 overlay made by Ron (

Our sources confirmed that the A77 is under heavy testing. Two anonymous testers contacted us to share the first impressions over the A77:

1)I am the photographer that reported earlier about the A77/A800 and I’d like to say that paired with the Zeiss lenses the images are very sharp, the 24MP res is good for big closeups, although I can’t reveal anything about the ISO noise. The focusing system is quite fast and accurate.

2) The second photographer said that resolution is amazing and they measured an 60% improvement over the Sony A55. The A77 is the best APS-C camera he ever tested. And the electronic viewfinder is also a huge step forward compared to the one used for the Sony A55. He said that you hardly will miss the optical viewfinder.

I am preparing a few new SR5 rumors over the next NEX and A77 cameras. So stay tuned on SonyAlphaRumors!

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

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