May 20, 2015
Posted in rumors

Clear statement about the A6xxx and A7x rumors.


The leaked Sony roadmap at Wikileaks.

Lately we got confusing info about the possible new Sony camera announcement date. And I have to say that’s quite the weirdest rumor time I ever had. So I want to be 100% clear with you:

1) Many of my best sources confirmed those cameras are coming for real.
2) Particularly the A6xxx should already have been announced but one highly trusted source told me Sony had to delay it because of “last moment” discovered issue.
3) I have plenty of top stores managers telling me that they got info from Sony about the A7rII and A6xxx launch a while ago (starting from March).
4) Latest I got from one trusted source and one major store manager is that Sony told them there is an announcement within end of May.

All those info are from sources who shared correct info on the past. This leaves us with two options:

1) Either ALL those trusted sources and Sony reps went mad….or
2) ….Sony is struggling with the exact A7rII and A6xxx launch date release (for reasons I still have to learn about).

I now kindly ask my old good time sources to help me out to solve the “announcement date” mystery. And I ask my readers to forgive us for that confusing time. Sometimes rumors are highly reliable, sometimes not and sometimes they change in between (as it seems to be in that case).

I will now do my best and take as much time and resources as it gets to finally receive 100% solid info on when those cams will be announced. Wish me luck :)


UPDATE: Already receiving first feedback from trusted source. Thanks a lot!

May 20, 2015
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Manuel Neuer big A6000 advertising campagn makes it clear new A6xxx replaces the NEX-7.


Sony Europe launched a new Sony A6000 advertising campaign with Manual Neuer. This indirectly confirms the rumor saying the new A6xxx will NOT replace the A6000. The new A6xxx will be placed above the A6000 and be more of a NEX7 successor. The A6000 is now the main header on all Sony Europe (Sony DE, UK, FR, IT, ES, AT, NL, BE, CH, FI, SE, PT, )

For German readers: You keep having new Sony Amazon Gold Box deals every day! Today you have the RX100m2 (at 16:00), the A99 (again at 16:00) and the A5100 (18:00). Discounted pricing will be unveiled at 16:00 exactly. The fulld eal page can be seen here:

The A6000 with Gariz case on eBay in Black (Click here), Brown (Click here), Camel (Click here) and Red (Click here).

May 19, 2015
Posted in rumors

Sony May 21-22 events related to new A6000 campaign launch. Tiny bit more to wait for the A6xxx launch.



Just like it happened with the Sony Australia press meeting (broken mirror teaser) we just have been told that the Sony press event on May 20-21 is purely related to the A6000 Manuel Neuer advertising campaign launch and the A7s cash back action. This means there is no A6xxx and A7rII launch on those days. We have (again) to wait a couple of days more than expected (so says a trusted source who shared correct rumors in the past and we hope he is correct on that rumor too).

Don’t be too upset. Just let’s hope Sony will make it right with the A6xxx and A7rII and fill them with that kind of features that will make us forgive the long wait for them! And the cameras are still rumored to ship few weeks after the announcement already.

A6xxx rumored specs:
The A6xxx was scheduled to be announced much earlier but had been delayed by Sony (probably for overheating issues). It’s rumored to be placed above the A6000 and be the successor of the NEX-7.

A7rII rumored specs:
The camera is not going to be the PRO level A9 camera. It will replace the A7r. It’s likely to have a new silent shutter, 5 axis stabilization and increased resolution. The camera is already in production and should ship end of June!

Question to our readers:
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May 19, 2015
Posted in news

New A7s/A6000 Cineasy Touch Video Record Button Enhancement.


SAR reader Tom Altman created a new tool that some of you could find useful. He sent me this:

The Sony A7S camera is the best video camera in the market. But it has one major challenge when using the video feature. The video record button is too small, awkwardly placed and slightly recessed. This makes it very difficult to activate without much fumbling around. You usually have to remove your eyes from the viewfinder to even locate the button. All this searching and fumbling around can cause shaky footage or missing the action all together.
This is why we created the Cineasy Touch Button Enhancement. This Patent Pending device, for the Sony Alpha line of mirrorless cameras will help your camera to capture pristine video just as easily as it does still images. The Cineasy Touch installs in just minutes and is super intuitive and very responsive. The Cineasy Touch provides a larger point of contact that can easily be found without taking your eye off the action. Simply press the Cineasy Touch and record video intuitively and effortlessly.
You will love it so much you will never remove it from your camera. It simply attaches to the neck strap eyelet nearest the video button with the included screw. Its that simple to make your camera capture video like a professional. And for a limited time you can get yours for the low introductory price of $24.95.

More info

Model for Sony A7S

Model for Sony A6000

May 19, 2015
Posted in rumors

(SR3) More A6xxx and A7rII rumors!


The rumor background noise is increasing and a Sony announcement is coming the next days. Here are the rumors I got the last couple of hours from anonymous sources:


Spoke to a Sony representative today and he told me that this week Sony will announce a new APS-C camera to replace the NEX-7. He said once that camera is out there will be discounts on the a6000. He said a7r II might be announced together with the new APS-C camera or within a month. He also said that nothing suggests release of ultra high resolution camera soon.


A7rII: Speaking to a Sony rep he gave a knowing smile and said it definitely might have a silent shutter, I said so it will? He nodded. He said there would be an announcement before end of month.


Over 20 people have gotten the new A7R II though. Heard they gave it to some photographers to test out the new Zeiss lenses, and to test a new mode. From what I understood, it supports a high res handheld mode, but I did not get that confirmed.  They will be shipping the a6XXX model out soon also, so that might be ready for release by June 2015 :)

Source_4: The sealed Alpha Box has 60x50x28cm in size (SonyAlphaForum).

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