November 23, 2012
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(SR3) Sony testing a new FF camera without AA filter


The D800 with AA filter on left and the D800E without AA filter on right.

Many didn’t notice that Pentax new K-5 IIs camera (available here on Amazon) not only features the well known Sony 16 Megapixel sensor. It also doesn’t use any Anti Aliasing filter. This will increase the per pixel sharpness although you will have to deal with moirè issues. And here comes the next rumor: I heard from a couple of sources that Sony’s next FF high megapixel number camera that will be announced next year is very likely going rid of the AA filter too! It will become a sort of Nikon D800E alike camera. I am still working to get more details about the camera. So stay tuned on SAR, subscribe the RSS feed (Click here) and Twitter (Click here) stream and the Facebook fan page (Click here)!

P.S.:Photoclubalpha also posted an article about possible future Sony cameras having no Anti Aliasing Filter.

Black Friday hourly deals: Amazon (cameras), Amazon (all stuff), Adorama, Bhphoto, J&R, TigerDirect, Bestbuy and eBay. And last New A900 for sale on eBay (via Slidoo).

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

November 22, 2012
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New jackar 34mm f/1.8 lens


Jackar Optical released a new 34mm f/1.8 lens with native E-mount. It is a manual lens and all specs and images can be read/seen at and on Flickr. The lens will be for sale on eBay by early December and cost $190. Jackar adapters and fisheye lenses can already be found on eBay (Click here).
The lens design is based on the current C-mount 35mm lens ($40 here on eBay). What they changed is the material, finishing, the ring is larger and turning has been improved. Plus the lenses are multi-coated and of course mount is NEX. It comes with a lens hood and genuine leather case as you see form the images below:

November 22, 2012
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Fitch Downgrades Sony to Speculative Grade.

Fitch downgraded Sony “given the company’s loss of technology leadership in key products, high competition, weak economic conditions in developed markets and the strong yen“.

The problem is certainly not the camera business: “Fitch believes that continuing weakness in the home entertainment & sound and mobile products & communications segments will offset the relatively stable music and pictures segments and improvement in the devices segment which makes semiconductors and components.“.

As you know Sony is completely restructuring the company and Fitch writes: “Fitch believes that the strategic initiatives announced in April 2012 to turn around the company’s electronics business are the right approach, but execution is a risk and macro headwinds and intense competition across almost all of Sony’s key products may delay the recovery.

That will probably bring to a long discussion now if such rating agencies are trustworthy or if Sony is trustworthy. We have to see it globally. It’s a hard time for many companies and many countries. And I am not sure how to decipher what is happening now. In short, I am not worried about Sony, I am more worried about us learning how to come out of a global crisis liek that!

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November 22, 2012
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Black Friday: NEX, Sigma and Adobe deals!

New day and new deals! Here are the latest four:
1) Sony just launched a rebate program on the NEX-5R you can check out right now at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).
2) $50 Sigma rebates on the NEX lenses at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).
3) Plenty of rebates at Adobe (Click here).
4) Save up to $55 Instantly on Select Sony Camera Accessories at Amazon (Click here).

Full links to all hourly changing Black Friday links:
Amazon (cameras), Amazon (all stuff), Adorama, Bhphoto, J&R, TigerDirect, Bestbuy and eBay.

SLT deal reminder:
Up to $300 off at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and  BHphoto (page here).

November 22, 2012
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Frank Doorhof: “Sony is very serious about becoming number 1″

Sony A99 from Nigel Barker on Vimeo.

Fashion photographers Nigel Baker and Frank Doorhof are using the A99 for their work. On top you can watch Nigel’s latest video. And Frank Doorhof is so excited about the A99 and writes: “Sony will be a serious player in this market, of course I cannot predict the future but when you listen to what’s gonna happen with the alpha series and when you see the quality of the A99 I think Sony is very serious about becoming number 1… now that will probably not happen over night for the simple reason that Canon and Nikon are so well known, but….. I think over time things will chance.

Sounds promising!

SAR reader Eric sent me a link to a new A99 that has a small $50 price drop. it’s sold by Electrostore eBay (Click here). I don’t know them so please read carefully their conditions. Keep in mind that if you buy it at Amazon (Click here) you will get a %2 back in reward!

A99 store links at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Jessops, Wex UK, Wex Germany, Sonystore DE-UK-FR-IT-ES-NL-SE-FI-CH and more links at Alphacameradeals.

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